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You owe me ten bucks.

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Yes sir, Red sir. Will you be issuing us a bulletin informing us as to our Red-approved thoughts, sir Comrade sir?

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Little child, you have a lot to learn about the world, and I really wish you would hurry because you're making all young people look bad.

Let's ignore your continued belittling insult right there, and go back to your very first words on MY comment: "Big surprise that you defend a fellow whiner." Insult.
Next one: "Oh noes, a joke mad you mad! Whatever shall we do?" Mocking.

These are the two before I ever even responded to you, or addressed you at all. Having not interacted with you in the slightest, you've already insulted me twice.

How does one respond when someone comes into their home, and wipes dog shit on their carpet? Child, in the real world, people will respond to that by rubbing your nose in it. Since this is the internet, I am forced to rely on words to do that; words like, "You remind me of the grout around a port-a-potty floor... only less charismatic." And for that fact you should be incredibly happy, because in the real world saying such things to someone's face is a great way to get punched.

So here's a life-lesson your parents should have taught you: if you are going to cry over getting called mean things, don't go around being an provocative ass to people. I never would have said one mean thing about you, you whiny little maggot, if you hadn't come at me that way. Look below, there's several people I disagree strongly with, that I'm engaged in quite civil conversation with. Now what does that say about you?

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Oh, no, my opinion of the rest of the episode was HARDLY negative! I thought it was the best episode (up to that point) of the year, probably the last two seasons! It was on par with Rarity episodes from seasons 1 and 2... again, up to the point where they felt the need to introduce a fat character just to make fun of.

I think it stung so much BECAUSE it was this show. Something like the Simpsons, Family Guy, etc... I wouldn't bat an eye. But this is the show that's supposed to be setting positive examples for little girls, and they went this direction with it? The thing is, there are so few overweight characters in the show, that it really stands out when one makes an appearance. And when that appearance is, "I'm late to fashion, I want what's unpopular now, and even Rarity doesn't have a dress that looks good on me"... yeah, it's gonna stick with kids, even in only subconsciously.

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SMH.... yes, Sagewisdom, I snuck into DHX late at night and set up a whole scene that purposefully singles out overweight ponies, just so I could argue about it on here. My plan is foiled, you win this round of Wack-A-SJW. Happy?

But I'll bite... would you care to use your big-boy words, and explain to me HOW exactly I'M the one shaming her for being fat?

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I've conversed back and forth with her on Twitter just now, and she said she just wrote, "Pony enters the shop." However, she says she didn't see it as fat-shaming either, so there's that. Don't know if she genuinely doesn't see it, or is playing nice with work, or just doesn't care... who knows. Either way, happy she responded.

UPDATE: I've also had a back-and-forth with Big Jim about the issue (in which, I'm embarrassed to admit, is public when I thought it was private; I'm VERY new to Twitter. Not embarrassed by anything I said, but just didn't want to call the staff out publicly on this). Anyway, he seems more vehemently opposed to any idea that their scene was fat-shaming, sadly by making the same logical fallacies as some other commenters (i.e. "I'm fat, and don't consider it disrespectful towards fat people, ergo it isn't.")

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Oh, of COURSE what you did wasn't as bad! Why, you're just a wittle princess who can do no wrong, aren't you?

From the Urban Dictionary, "troll: A person who, on a message forum of some type, attacks and flames other members of the forum for any of a number of reasons such as rank, previous disagreements, sex, status, ect.
A troll usually flames threads without staying on topic, unlike a "Flamer" who flames a thread because he/she disagrees with the content of the thread."

If the definition fits, wear it.

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It's in the context. Context. Jokes about a people traditionally being maligned for their appearance being late to a fashion event are as acceptable as making jokes about fried chicken and watermelon towards a black person: maybe they're not related at all, maybe Pinkie Pie's just making watermelon-flavored fried chicken (sounds like something she'd do)... but you have to be blind to ignore the baggage there, so you don't do it.

Four other ponies entered that shop, same scenarioand got their perfect gowns pointed out to them, and got to model them; an overweight pony enters the shop, is told "No Princess Dress!"... and they laugh. She's not given the opportunity to model a dress of her own... so what's the CONTEXT here? "Nobody wants to see a fat pony in a dress." That's the message. That's the takeaway from this scene. It reinforces this idea that's pushed onto young girls that you can't be attractive if you're fat.

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?!?!?! Wha... NO! You do not get to attack someone for their opinion, get offended when they call you out on it, they justify attacking them because of their response! Dear sweet mother of god, you're killing basic LOGIC!!!

Whatever... troll-b-gone.

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Thank you for the info about the Twitter update!

As for the rest... dude, it's called "context". You don't have to spell it out in big bold letters, "I, Rarity, hereby do belittle you, Fat-pony, for being fat." It's in the very being of the character that's the punchline to a joke. And don't strawman me, I said in my first reply on here that she would work perfect in any other role in that scene. I certainly have no problem with her because she's fat; my problem is they chose the overweight pony to be the punchline of a fashion joke.

Let me put it to you this way: if the only time you saw someone enjoying MLP or ponies in media was when they were being arrested for sex crimes, or for being lonely losers, wouldn't you get upset? I know that's usually the case, and I know a lot of fans do. As they should. Now imagine that times about a million.