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I'd gladly buy them, thing is, I've NEVER seen physical copies! Not even at major conventions! :P

Maybe this is the time! :D

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1st - EVERYTHING pony papered! :P

2nd- .... Gawd dammit Seth... Don't make me choose!!!!! :(

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Soooooooo are we just going to ignore that the Pie family has been caring for a gigantic dragon egg for generations? :/

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Anyone here seen the South Park episode where they introduced PC Principal...

If the world actually turns into THAT then I'm starting my own country! :p

Really, First the "outrage" over Woah Nelly in Canterlot Boutique, now a voice actor having to borderline apologise for something Bugs Bunny had been doing since the 30's! On a topic that HAD NOTHING to do with the episode! PC bros, SJWs need to get a life! This is PETA levels of petty and ignorant! Before you call someone out; make sure you know what your talking about! >:(

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That kinda looks like a silhouette from "Little Charmers". :/

link :

Is Spin Master associated with Hasbro?

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Highlights for me:

- Big Mac development at long last! ... well if you don't count the comics, which I do but some don't. :/
- Sweetie Belle now winning best face contest this season.
- Had this weird feeling Big Mac wasn't fooling anyone, well, except that one guy. Prolly has bad eyesight. :P
- Funny as heck! I bet Dame Edna was Orchard Blossom's inspiration!; AB's "Kill me now..." attitude, and the smashing! :P
- Dat ending... Most feels since Tanks for the Memories! And adds A LOT of context to Princess Mac in Magical Sheep! :P

Overall I REALLY liked this episode! :D I have to say though, There were a lot of people complaining about how inappropriate Mac's cross dressing was, and to them I say: MELLOW THE CRAP OUT!!! Really, Have you never watched a Bugs Bunny cartoon before?! What's happened to this society? Here's hoping for more development for supporting cast in the future! Or at least more Octavia! I NEED MY FIX!!! :3

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According to the comics, she played a Unicorn Sorceress in Obuleets & Ogres. So having TCG cards around isn't really a stretch! :P

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Feels like this would be the perfect place to turn it into a full spin off series!

Please! :3

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She was my favorite Shadow Bolt! :D

Not sure why, but I found her bi-polar personality pretty amusing. :P