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I hear what you are saying, but who is this candidate that is going to unite the nation against the Joker and dethrone him? I agree there are a lot of people angry at the political system machine, but for all the discussion here there is no candidate and with no candidate there can be no victory. We need a candidate that America is going to embrace and suck significant votes from both sides, but I don't see one and we are only a few months from November. I fully agree that people are pissed with the parties, but today there is no viable alternative.

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Am I missing something, when you talk about Clinton supporters away from O? I don't see Gary Johnson offering her the top or bottom of the libertarian ticket and I would be hard press to support him if he did. I appreciate your sentiment on supporting vets, but the time has past to mount a successful third party run with the current crop of candidates and even if a miracle candidate appeared it would be impossible to get them elected.

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I wanted a true third party candidate and didn't get one for this election, so I have to be realistic for this November. What I have said before is that the flash mob voters are likely to vote against the Joker in a sour economy and Mittens isn't likely to do anything substantial to solve the financial issues. That causes the mob to move on to something new in the next election. We will have a true third party candidate that will an national impact on the 2016 election and could win with a fiscally conservative message and plan.

I didn't give up, I just see the fact that it isn't going to be this year. Four years from now the party machines will be further weakened with this current set of career criminals and people will see that the parties are not going to respond to their demands to fix this mess. They will seek out a new party and that party will be fiscally conservative and socially neutral, which most of America is as well. They will finally have a voice and the middle will rise up against the left and right extremes of both parties.

Change in politics comes through frustration and pain, which we are seeing with the rapid change out of parties over the last 6 years. Don't lose heart that I am anti-party establishment because I hate both parties equally and maybe the Republicans more. But in 2012 the decision is on whether to allow the Joker to serve four more years and the only answer to that is Mittens.

Let work toward taking the Senate and House with fiscally conservative candidates and then we can work on the White House in 2016.

I am registered unaffiliated in AZ, so I am beholden to no party. In 2012, if you want the Joker vote for Johnson, but if you want anyone but the Joker than you vote Mittens.

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It really does come down to the fact of whom you not want if office in this election because both are poor choices. I stinks to think that this is all that is being offered up, but I am in the anyone-but-Obama camp and I hope there are enough of the angry middle the agree with me vice the devil-you-know camp.

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Being unique doesn't make you special and like the speech says, if you are one in a million then there are almost 7000 like you. I understand your comment, but we need to stop having so many people thinking they are special and telling the rest of us what we should doing. It is what we do with our lives that makes us special, not simply being born that is something for which we get zero credit.

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As a retired Naval Officer, I see several problems with the situation the military wanted to modernize and reduce the number of bases and old equipment, so what happened some bases were closed and some newer ships retired. The reason was that if you had a powerful Congressman then you could force the military to make unsound decisions just so you could keep milking the military back home. To prove the point think about the sub base New London, CT or Portsmith Shipyard, because they were always on the chopping block but never got cut because of several Senators that said that would ruin the local economy. So we still have bases that the military said it didn't need.

Let's talk about ships, we have had several first flight 688's, FFGs, and DDGs retired when we could have kept some of the newer ones to maintain fleet numbers if that was necessary, while running off and spending billions on newer designs such as the LCS, San Antonio Class, and DDGX. We have good designs that we could have made more of but refused to chase newer and better, so we killed off functional ships to make these dreams happen. Finally the most criminal of all is keeping old old ships in service because of poor planning and political reasons. Think the USS Kennedy the 12th air craft carrier, just so Jacksonville could have a carrier. Then complain that the CO didn't do enough to keep the ship functional, same goes for the Big E and all of its 8 reactors.

We need to really think about 11 carriers and building newer and newer designs. We could have an outstanding Navy with 10 carriers and lots and lots good destroyers and cruisers of an 80's design with a few upgrades vice spending billions on LCS.

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I think the new party will grow from the Angry Joes in the middle that don't trust either party.. Austerity leads to prosperity! will be their battle cry because we need to cut federal spending to restore America's economy.

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I saw your post and I can't agree, but you might be right that the title Tea Party might be dead. I think the feelings of betrayal and longing for less government is still out there. The people will not be denied for long because the independent middle is going to swing things as it always does. You are right in your post that the Tea Party screwed up by allowing the Republicans to call and corrupt the cause. There are still plenty of independents that never saw that as a route to success. Whether Romney wins or loses this will be the last election without a solid middle candidate that is fiscally conservative and socially moderate. That is what America truly wants and neither Romney or Obama is that guy.

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How would I like to see this on CNN and FOX? I've personally have had things in my area of concern show up on CNN and FOX twice and neither time was it fun or enjoyable. Luckly in both cases my group had done everything right, while some of the others involved had circumvented the rules and paid a very heavy price in careers and public goodwill.

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I wish it were not so, but it is scattered throughout all of human history.