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What on earth is 'vile' about not wanting to be ethnically cleansed from your own country? What a bizarre (and vile) statement.

They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel if this is the best they can do to discredit us.

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Welcome to the Party, Simon, and welcome to the truth. You are so young and so wise!

Please tell all your family and friends about us, because as you have discovered, our lives and our futures depend on it.

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Was it Straw, (it makes no odds really; they're all of the same ilk), who said something along the lines that the BNP had to make a point of saying 'we're non-racist', implying that we therefore are? It put me in mind of that other catchy slogan - 'Islam, the religion of peace'. Bloody hypocrites.

I noticed part of the stage management involved putting the few BNP supporters that were allowed in, right at the back of the studio, judging by the distant sound of applause when Nick did manage to get a word in edgeways.

Something that hasn't been mentioned in any of the reports I've seen so far, is that Jack Straw was humiliated by Dimbleby when he told him to answer the question on immigration. He was allowed to waffle on for several minutes, going off-topic and generally being allowed to get his two pennyworth in, before being reminded that he still hadn't answered the question. As soon as Nick made a relevant point, the conversation was hurriedly moved on, if not interrupted.

What a farce.

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I had to go to Mitcham the other day, Asgard. My family hail from there and a cousin still lives there - all her children's friends are non-white. As you might expect, it was full of immigrants, and in particular, the shop signs seemed to indicate a substantial Tamil presence. Along London Road, a Tamil video shop indicated that it stocked English films. Who would've thought such a thing would have to be advertised - IN ENGLAND! Just for a while I thought I was somewhere in Asia. I couldn't wait to get home.

Nick Griffin for prime minister, please God, and make it quick.

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It's also strange that an Afghan man with such strong objections to the culture of the West should want to come and live in a western country when there are plenty of non-western cultures to choose from. He obviously doesn't object to us too much, then. Shouldn't he be back there fighting for his country? Very strange indeed.

I object to the Islamification of Britain, (and the West), but I don't think that I'd consider emigrating to a Muslim country if a war ever broke out here! Not that any of them would ever have us, of course!

Hypocrisy on all fronts there, I feel.

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I found this quite informative:

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Can Nick be discreetly miked-up by BNPTV and recorded remotely?

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It's the 'I'm alright, Jack' mentality. If they go along with the 'programme', then they have guaranteed riches and immunity from the ravages us plebs have to put up with. If they don't, then they won't last long in government. If they dare to speak out, as some have done, they might just end up dead, (as indeed, some have done).

Money is no object to those that pull the strings, and they're always thinking up new ways to extract it from us.

To those without a conscience, greed and megalomania know no bounds.

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Absolutely, gildedtumbril; in an ideal Europe. But in the meantime we can only attempt to minimise the human tragedy that has been and continues to be so deliberately foisted upon us.

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Hopefully, at least part of the reason there are so few pregnant white women seen this morning is because they are at work - because they want to be and/ or have to be!