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I work in Manhattan and it irritates me to no end to see all of the people around me who seemingly can't pull away from their mobile devices. They text while walking across the street or watch a movie or tv show on their iPad while walking up a crowded stairway in Penn Station. Not only do they risk tripping or being hit by a vehicle, their lack of situational awareness can leave them vulnerable to theft. Just annoys me, but what can one do?

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For me personally, one of my most common occasions for lying probably involves making excuses to avoid social situations of which I want no part.

And thanks to changes in technology, we can't even use the Patrick Bateman excuse anymore!

"I have to return some videotapes."
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The one I hear sometimes is "So you don't believe in anything?"

I'm like "No, I believe in lots of things, like justice, compassion, tolerance, equality etc."
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I agree. In a sense, we function as living billboards that tell them they are basically wasting their time when they go to church, attend bible study or engage in prayer.
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This speaks to something that I've been noticing lately.

With regard to "professional atheists", there is a certain segment of the atheist blogosphere where it seems they spend a fair chunk of their time going to and speaking at atheist conferences. How many friggin conferences can you have in a year? They all get to feel like they're some sort of celebrity.

As for the dustups over sexual harassment allegations at these conferences, I can't help but think that Christians reading and lurking on atheist blogs can't help but feel a certain schadenfreude over it. After all, we're the ones always claiming that their religion is misogynist, and then we have prominent female atheists and skeptics decyring their treatment at the hands of supposedly more enlightened and rational atheist men.

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I had to chop up my comments in order for them to be accepted. Here's the last paragraph:

And we have all of this taking place while Republicans in particular are trying to gut the social safety net because we supposedly can't afford it, and calling taxes on the wealthy class warfare. That is the heart of what OWS is all about, bringing attention to a system that is geared towards screwing the poor and the middle class while enriching the wealthy.

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All of the Occupy movement starts with the premise that we all owe them everything.

Everything Gingrich says is wrong because his basic premise above is wrong. The Occupy movement is about opposing a structural inequality in our tax and fiscal policies that is skewed towards the wealthy because the wealthy influence our politicians to make it that way. The NY Times recently had an article about how Mitt Romney has an arrangement with Bain Capital that he still gets income from them even though he left them years ago. Plus, the income is taxed at a lower rate, and a lot of Bain's profits were made from buying companies and then laying off workers and selling the companies for a profit. Oddly enough, Gingrich even alluded to this when a reporter mentioned to him that Romney said he should return the money he made from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

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Whiffle, that's from the movie Spartacus. Gracchus and a young Julius Caesar are in a Roman market. Gracchus gives some religiously themed greeting to a vendor and then Caesar expresses surprise, being under the belief that Gracchus is a non-believer. Then Gracchus replies similar to what you said, but IIRC, the order was different, "Privately, I believe in none of them, in public I believe in all of them."

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Suffering is a fact of life. But it doesn't mean that it should be reveled in. I thought it was supposed to be Catholic doctrine that witnessing the suffering of others inspires us to be caring. I guess this means that if Santorum is ever in a hospital and suffering from excruciating pain, he won't mind if the hospital staff refuses his requests for pain medication and tells him to just deal with it because it builds character.

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When it comes to In God We Trust, all I can think is "What's this WE shit?"