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We essentially have a one-party system. Anyone notice how Ol'Bowdown never seemed very worried about losing? Recall the conversation on the live-mic with Myedvyed (the Russian "President" - Putin's Puppet)? Politics has become the WWF, it's all staged, the outcomes are predetermined. It's all BS.

"It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

Joseph Stalin

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fuck you, bonhead, get a different talking point. You're like talking to a 3 year old.
I already told you, I'm not a Republican, nor a Democrat. I look at all this bullshit as political warfare.
You keep yelling the same shit over and over but you offer no viable solutions. You are like a demented gnat flying around one's ear. Alinsky's Rule 10: "The price of a successful attack is a constructive
alternative." You have none. You're just a deluded asshole.

What the fuck do you know about the immigration process? Not a fucking thing, asshole. I have tens of thousands of dollars tied up in USCIS adopting 5 children from 2 different foreign countries while the fucking wetbacks stroll across the border at will. If we do get a wild hair up our ass and send them back they're back in the country before the agents shift is over. My constructive alternative is that we round them all the hell up and send them home. If one that was here before is caught on this side of the line again he/she/it gets a round behind the ear. Anyone caught employing, harboring or sympathizing has every item of personal and commercial property confiscated, is tarred and feathered and dumped into the street.
I'd also like to see a 12' high fence built 500 yards back from the border. The border becomes the boundary for entering a "No Go Zone", posted clearly in every major language (there is a large number of OTMs -Other Than Mexican- that come across our southern border, too) with use of deadly force authorized. Sentries posted with converging fields of fire and helicopter gunships on ready.
How's that, radical enough for ya?

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You are an idiot. End of story.

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Excuse me? You didn't even read what I posted, did you, numbnuts?

I'm not a Republican or a Democrat and I'm God-damned for sure not a Fascist. You don't know who I am and I don't give a shit who you are with the exception that you are an impedance to getting this country back on the right track.

You say you don't use hate you just spew 'brutal truth' - well, I just posted the truth.

1. All this third party bullshit is one big circle jerk and you look like the poster boy for pivot men.
2. The American people are by and large stupid. They've been dumbed down, brain-washed and bribed for the last 60 to 70 years and have lost sight of freedom.
3. 1.1% of the vote is a fucking joke so stop acting like it's some kind of 'principle' thing, you're a moonbat with a very tenuous grip on reality.
4. To effect change we are going to have to adopt the tactics of our enemy and use the system against them, just as they've done to us. The communists infiltrated and subverted the Democrat party back in the 30's, finally gaining complete (though clandestine) control in the early '60's. "Third" Parties do not have a chance of any kind of success. Period. They are simply a way of keeping track of the moonbats and keeping them busy. The existing political infrastructure that represents the illusion of the "right wing" will have to be overcome in the same manner and used in the same way.

If you think you're going to make ME run you're so full of shit your eyes are brown and your breath stinks. Why don't you go play Rebel Without A Clue somewhere else.

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You must be the erstwhile Barbarian. Still the same crap.

Vote third party! Yep, and you too can be part of the landslide 1.1% of the vote!

Third party is not going to work. Period. What is going to have to happen is the Republican Party is going to have to be hijacked by the Conservatives like the Democrats have been hijacked by the communists. Forcibly if necessary. There is too much money and influence for a third party to be a true contender, both of the big box parties will always make them look like moonbats. The American people are stupid, lazy and easily manipulated, thanks to their government schooling. Bigger = better, smaller=sucks, especially if smaller comes with principles. Bright shiny objects and free cel phones win over self-discipline and sacrifice everytime.

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Hey Gary! Yep, it's me, in the flesh. Been good, how about yourself?

Been a little of everywhere, mostly on Sodahead doing battle with the libs daily, reading and researching, writing scathing editorials - you know, weeing in the fan like every other conservative..... LOL

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Thank you, ma'am, and you as well.
I've been writing on a piece for the Conservative story when I can - heck, it even bored me! LOL I'll try to make the rambling coherent and get it to ya soon.

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As Always, present and accounted for, ma'am.

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I brew my own beer, it's actually pretty easy.

You can brew up to 500 gallons / year for your own use. No permits are required. You cannot sell one drop or you'll be subject to the same laws as moonshiners (something a Kentuckian should be well familiar with.... LOL).

If you put out a solicitation for donations you are treading on very shaky ground. You would be more subject to city, parish (sorry; county) and state laws than federal and those can be convoluted and contradictory.

Home brewing your own beer can be a rewarding hobby, as is fermenting your own wine; understanding the chemistry involved and crafting something unique is a lot of fun. Yeah, I know, my wife says I'm a nerd, too........LOL.

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Count me in, Suzie! Sign me up as your first Right Wing extremist, potential domestic terrorist, racist redneck clinging to my Bible and my AR-15.... you know, a Conservative that cherishes the Constitution, veteran, white person of faith that owns a couple (ahem....) of guns..... LOL!