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Robert you are forgetting "blacks" make up less than 16% of the population.. It will take everyone getting handouts to vote him back in. Well that and unimaginable amounts of fraud.

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I never thought I would fear what an American president and or the AG may decide to do to me..

2012 or bust.

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Agree. Every day since 2008 I get home and check Drudge then Breitbart's sites. I had the chance to meet him at a Tea Party last year but did not go thinking "he will be back". :( I am not going to pity myself however~ I enjoyed nothing more than seeing him punch holes in the left's narrative with cold hard facts and truly being passionate about it.

Carry on carry on~

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Ding ding ding ding we have a winner! You are exactly right, dumb_ass_lib up there is more than willing to sell his rights for a check. Now what does that make him? Hmm
Hmmmmmmm... A slave to the state.

The dems traded chains for checks and he is just fine with that.

edit: and lol calling Rush a drug addict. Grow a pair of balls and man up. No one likes a little bitch liberal.

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Come on down to Texas; all are welcome.

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Andrew's energy will be maintained.

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You think because he is dead the videos are gone?


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I hope we all learned a lot from Andrew~ I know I did.

God Bless.

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And a passport will be required for said trip.

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I am sad to say that because of Obama I had to start wasting my time learning about things I do not agree with such as community organizing, Saul Alinsky, etc just so I can spot my enemy easier.

2012 or bust.