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It's only a matter of time until someone in the ME (Ahmadinejad is my guess) unleashes the terrorist cells sleeping here in the US. And just the other day the Al Quds Force and IRG were bragging about the fact that they could hit the USA with devastating force anytime they choose. The Muslim Brotherhood is accelerating their takeover of the ME countries, targeting Jordan and Saudi Arabia next. But our fearless leader wants us to believe that the Islamists just want to get along with us and live in peace. It's going to take another 9/11 or larger scale event to wake us up again, and when (not if) that happens we better pray that whoever is in the WH at that point has the stones to do what we should have done 30 years ago. Get ready folks, it will come to open fighting in the streets here IMO, and we better be prepared to do what it takes to win.

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Voter fraud is a real problem whether the Democrats want to admit it or not. But of course the real reason they don't want to admit it is that they far more than Republicans engage in and benefit from it. Yes, there are Republicans that have tried to game the system - and anyone caught doing this should be prosecuted. As to eliminating absentee or early ballots, there are ways to eliminate the need for these, one of which is allowing people to vote in an official polling place wherever they are. If my voter ID shows up in more than one place then obviously there's fraud involved. As an example, this year I will be out of my home state (not by choice) on Nov. 6. Without absentee ballots I would not be able to vote, but I could easily get to a polling place where I will be.

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From your word processor to God's ears. Obama going into early retirement would be the best possible outcome for the country. Obama and at least half of the corruptocrats in his administration in orange jumpsuits and shower shoes would be even better.

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Well, they did say that the government was the one thing we all belong to. Funny, I was always under the impression that I was free man. Had no idea that someone or something owned me. As to whether people are gullible enough to swallow Obama's BS again - unfortunately there are an awful lot of people who will. Hopefully not enough to get him re-elected, but nevertheless a lot of useful idiots.

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Dr. Paugh is right. Going to watch the freak show in DC would probably be more entertaining than going to the circus - but my guess is it will smell just as bad. Think I'll save the $49.00 to use to gas up my unsustainable muscle car.

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Well said. It's the weak-kneed apologists that have brought us to this point. I would rather we were feared than the mushy "respect" the left seeks. What we need is unashamed patriotism and the rekindling of the will and belief that we are an exceptional country - and the greatest country to have ever existed. That is what made us the world power we became, and that is what will keep this country alive.

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Calling Obama supporter idiots is insulting to idiots everywhere. Obama supporters are so far down the intelligence scale that one-celled amoebas look like Einstein in comparison. When the Obama fiasco is later examined by historians they are going to be extremely puzzled by what lunacy took over the country and that elected such an incompetent, corrupt and morally bankrupt person to the highest office in the greatest country in history. If the people repeat the mistake of '08 in November they will seal the fate of this country - and that is something we should all be very afraid of.

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Too bad no one has the nerve Reagan did with the air traffic controllers when they went on strike. Go back to work now or you're fired. Of course people would say that is union busting - and they would be correct. So what?

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As Romney said the other day, Obama's slogan should be "Forewarned". We've already seen what his policies and actions (or in-actions) have resulted in - why would anyone think that four more years of the same would result in anything different? The only rational explanation is that liberalism is a mental disorder.

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Democrats love to use innocuous sounding euphemisms to hide what they really mean. Women's health is their attempt to hid what they really want to practice - infanticide. One day these people will wish they had never been born - justice is going to meted out, and it will not be soft justice.