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Not only can all the wonderful alcoholics obtain some high octane juice until 2AM---Everyone gets to pay more than the state charged in the first place-Meanwhile: Drunk drivers are extra abundant, and everyone knows how cool drunk drivers are!--The voters in Washington will probably vote for Obama because quite frankly--They really arent all that bright and Ill bet less than half of them know what a "voters pamphlet" is for---If they did--We wouldnt be having this discussion!~

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Heres some food for thought: When "Real He-Women" like Pelosi or Fluke scream that contraception is a right, Its a well known fact that women of this ilk couldnt get laid in a 2 dollar gigolo house with a hundred dollar bill between their teeth. So what in the world would they need contraceptives for in the first place?

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Amen Zo!

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What are the odds? Neither you nor I or anyone else for that matter are privy to the "eligibilty requirements" of "The Pearly Gates"----But being Corageous and Principled can hardly be considered Character defects either!

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I will miss Andrew Breitbart. Anyone who has the Temerity to challenge the Biased equation of what constitutes our Media--Those people are far and few---Mr Breitbart was one of those guys! And the world actually lost something today--I have great confidence that the folks he employed to offer more "in depth aspects" on any given subject, will continue what Breitbart started---------B.C.

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That "Left Wing Hooey" sure stinks up the joint!

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Better Apologize for the consumption of valuable airspace also---?

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Exploding Muslims kill more people than cigarettes and marijuana ---so Exploding Muslims should be illegal too?

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To quote a famous American:" Nuts'-----General Stanley McAuliffe

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The look on O'Reiilys face said it all!