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So, let me see if I have this right, Schumer. Those of us who bust our butts to earn our money are greedy because we are not willing to hand it over to those who have not busted THEIR butts and want the money WE earned? Who is coveting whose stuff? Who is essentially condoning theft? Lord help us....I have felt like we have been in the Twilight Zone since 2008....a place where up is down and left is right. 2012 cannot come soon enough!

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Thanks for the info. I do search because I care but for criminy's sake, we have a bunch of fellow Americans who are not so inclined to make a point to listen to these debates, especially if they have to hunt and peck to even know if, when and where they are occurring so why not make it easy for us when posting articles about the upcoming debates?

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Is it just me or is it difficult to 1) even know these GOP debates are taking place much less 2) when and on what channel? Why bother telling us about the debate tonight without reference to the channel and time? I've learned of each of the debates of this season by happenstance and then had to google to find out when and where to watch it. Anyone want to save me a google search and let me know the channel and time for the debate tonight? Much appreciated.

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I pay approximately $4.50 a pack as a result of buying cartons at the Indian Reservations. The Federal Gov't can kiss my smoking butt!

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This is a very slippery slope and ALL Americans - smokers or not - should be very concerned about this. Seriously, is there anyone who does not understand smoking is harmful for your health as is soda, junk food, alcohol, etc.? So why does the government feel they are within their rights to demonize smoking only? Are you confident they will stop at this?

What do you think Coke or Pepsi or cereal makers would do if the government put a similar requirement on them, e.g. to show rotting teeth, morbidly obese people, kids bouncing off the walls from a sugar rush and amputated limbs courtesy of diabetes on their soda bottles and cereal boxes? How about the alcohol companies?

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I am a female Libertarian who is personally pro-life, however, I am politically/socially pro-choice. What this means is that I am a strong proponent of contraception but should I inadvertently conceive, I could never abort. That said, I do not feel I have the right to impose my personal beliefs and the decisions I would reach on others. It is up to each individual to make their own decision in consult with their family, friends, physicians, God (if they have one) and their own conscience.

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This classroom indoctrination and politics has been happening for YEARS. My mother was a well-known republican legislator in our community when I was growing up (1980's) and I found myself continuously in the crosshairs with teachers at school. At the time, I didn't understand the politics of the situation, however, it didn't take my parents long to figure out after I had been served with detentions and suspensions I didn't earn to the degree they were handed out. Then all of a sudden, the teachers and administrators got off my butt. Come to find out my father (a strong yet softly spoken NY State Trooper who was not at all political but humored my mother) had enough, went to the school and advised them if they kept up the crap, he would sue the pants off the school for harassment and discrimination.

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I decided to go see Atlas Shrugged Friday night in Tempe, AZ. I go to the window and the man hands me the tickets and says, no charge – they were donated. I thought this was cool so I asked if I could still pay for them so they could pass on the freebies to the next person, ya know, pay it forward, and he says, you can’t, every single show is totally sold out so there are no tickets to sell you. Someone paid for two tickets they couldn’t use so they left them here for us to give to someone who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to see the movie. I really enjoyed this movie, can't wait for the next two parts and am grateful to the stranger who made it possible.

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The answer to the question posed in this article's headine - What Will Obama Do if Egyptian Style Crisis, Unrest and Revolt hits America is DEPENDS on whether the revolt occurs on the left or the right side of the political spectrum. I could easily see Obama sitting back while the left riots and destroys individual, hard-earned personal property and injures innocent people yet calling in the National Guard if the right or Tea Party stages a peaceful, non-violent protest against the government's never-ending theft from the productive in this country. 2012 cannot come soon enough.

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Open letter to Bloomberg: Former upstate NY resident here who PURPOSELY moved away from the NY nanny state to get away from people like YOU. You and your opinion are not welcome here in AZ so mind your own damn business. You have more than enough problems to address in your own city/state so get to it buddy and leave us here out west the hell alone. There needs to be some sanctuary left in the US for those of us who value liberty and reject big government intrusions and are willing to stand up for the rest of the lemmings in this country that are following progressive policies off the cliff!