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Our failure to punish Israel for their attack on the USS Liberty and the Lavon Affair is where this perception of weakness emanates from. I say we correct it by bombing Tel Aviv.

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Invading other countries isn't defense. I am all too aware of the rationalization, but shepherds in Iraq were not a threat to us nor was Saddam himself (how could he be - he was on our payroll.)

I don't see anything psychopahtic about Ahmadenijad. He is a civil engineer that speaks FAR more rationally and more like an ADULT than ANYONE on our side that I know of.

I am a real conservative. I put America first. You don't. Anyone supporting Israel doesn't. I don't support Iran but I don't like seeing Americans being so flagrantly MANIPULATED to do ISRAEL's bidding YET AGAIN and fight THEIR war for them. Between the two, Iran would be a better ally than Israel. Our relationship with Israel flies in the face of reason.

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We had wars with Mexico, right?

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It doesn't really matter that the Jews don't always appreciate Christians...we are compelled by Holy Scripture...by the one, true and only 'living' GOD of Abraham, Isacc and Jakob to stand with them...and we do!

I hope you open your eyes one day - you have been misled by Satan. Christians are not beholden to Jews - Christians are the Chosen Ones now. If you don't believe that, then you are a Jew.

Ask if your church is a 501c3 church.......bet it is.

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The threat is the presence of millions of foreign operatives. Notice that the media rarely makes the connection between their infrastructure to make FORGED documents and the natural progression of ID theft.....

The PLOT is likely BS. Oooooh, booga booga, Iran is coming to get you. IF they were, they could leverage the actual threat - the illegals. But so could someone else. Like China.

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I do not think for one second that that will ever end.

You think it is everyone else's fault or maybe you guys are doing something WRONG???? Jews, some Jews, readily admit it is because you, as a group, seem DETERMINED to destroy whatever country you are in - supporting degeneracy and depravity and immigration and practicing financial crimes especially via banking. TIME AFTER TIME it is the same pattern. I honestly believe it is a compulsion like alcoholics.

Yes, there are many Jews who seem like regular people. Their only part in it is a sort of quiet acquiescence to the larger agenda. Some even blow the whistle like Mike Rivero and Benjamin Freedman ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQapkVCx1HI ). But that doesn't disprove the larger agenda.

Bonus track:

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Hitler used Jews as a convenient scapegoat because of their relative success.

No, he used them for their genuinely corrupt dealings like Madoff and their OPEN declaration of WAR against Germany! Imagine if the Muslims declared war against the US....

How is Hitler bad for wanting Germans to have control over their own country? If that is bad then you would have no choice but to condemn the Zionists who used terrorism to steal another group's country - Palestine. Yet you have no problem with Jews wanting a nation for themselves.....? No one else gets that privilege? At least the Germans did it themselves - the Zionist have done nothing but exist as parasites living off the labor of Brits, Germans and Americans.

We had to choose between Stalin and Hitler.

No we didn't.

FDR was a pinko and HIS politics aligned with the Bolsheviks. The American people were actually more sympathetic to the Germans in both World Wars so the government had to concoct reasons to drag them in to war on the wrong side.

General Patton though was correct,

Yes, he was....in ways you are not allowed to learn about.....

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If you are going to let in TENS of MILLIONS of foreign agents (what each alien is) then don't be surprised when someone tries to exploit them. It is inevitable even if this incident is no more than BS which it likely is. Iran is not a threat - swarms of 3rd world filth are.

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Murder requires motive.

Then we can dispense with this talk of charging Panetta....

Our motive is to save those who want to live freely, and defend ourselves in the most moral way possible.

What nonsense. You do realize everyone uses that as their motive. Communists of all stripes certainly did. They fought for the freedom of the working man - how can you be opposed to that? Eh? Hitler fought against the oppression of the international Jew bankers - we should have sided with him because as you can see from our economy we choose the wrong side. Maybe the Chinese will invade the US to help us. And they have some 50 million horny men without women, too.

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For that reason, it is imperative that the United States openly recognizes and declares that it remains at war with the state of Iran, based on Iran’s known aggressions against the United States, and the United States reserves to itself the choosing of the moment and manner in which it will bring that war to a successful conclusion, barring a fruitful suit for peace by Iran itself.

This "plot" sounds more like little more than a rumor or made up entirely. *Israel* attacked us. Iran has not. We need to bomb Israel.

Why now? Consider: the United States, strategically speaking had by the end of the decade of the 2000s effectively surrounded Iran militarily.

This is what MAKES all your crazy talk so....crazy. We have surrounded Iran militarily......so aren't WE the ones who are the threat to THEM?

What if China took over Canada and Mexico and was making threats to us?

Your stand is not that of a Christian. I hope you don't call yourself one.