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Shouldn't they be hitting the sperm donor up for court costs and child support?

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At least they are not Muslims though they are acting like victimized Muslims. It will get edgy when La Raza has to confront Muslim americans for dominance in whining and claim on the stolen continent.

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Dinnerjacket has always been the puppet of the "supreme leader". It is all Shia democracy kabuki theater. Putting together the wake up call for the 12th Imam is the main game behind the curtains.

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You make mistakes while squeezing your eyes shut under a tight blindfold and wandering around in the dark in an unknown environment. Some Chinese war perfesser fella said something about knowing the enemy. Maybe it doesn't apply to America as a balance to all that exceptionalism.

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Cause if they can't be identified they are garbage? Army read all this out of a book they wrote themselves?

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Too bad about all the empty up scale trendy shops. Horrifying. Top notch Muslim reporting!

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As I remember, Reagan invented the Kissed Koran when he handled Iran the first time.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa!...Meryl, Ima let you finish but I just wanna say viola Davis really truly deserved this award.

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They are Muslims. They are dangerous and violent. They work for Allah.

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"The U.S. military is fully committed to its mission in Afghanistan and has no plans to change its strategy "

What was that mission again? Never having viable plans based on reality to begin with is a poor strategy.