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The truth is very disturbing. Look how people react when they hear it? They're incredulous. Blame the messenger! It's understandable that nobody "wants" to believe that our government does this sort of thing -- but refusal to admit verifiable facts so as to go back to their fantasy version is dishonest and sorta reprehensible in its own way....

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How evil of me to point out that the USA is further endangering itself to more terrorist attacks. I must hate America!

Yes, surely a bunch of Arabs came to blow themselves up because they don't like that American women work outside the home. Now there's a cause worth dying for. It couldn't have anything to do with what the USA has done to them....

Perhaps you need to read what the CIA's Bin Laden expert said about it -- or the 9-11 Commission Report -- or maybe even look up what Bin Laden himself said...?

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Sanctions is only one example. The USA has overthrown democratically elected governments that were popular with their people and inserted dictators in their place. Our government has bombed their medicine factories and bombed civilians, etc, etc These actions may be quickly forgotten here, but they are not forgotten by the people they happen to. Hamas and the Israeli conflict is irrelevent to what we do elsewhere. They care about what we have done to them in their own land, which sometimes is an outrage. Sometimes these actions are covert so we don't learn of them till much later. Sometimes we don't like to think about them. They're hard to face up to....

Yes, 9-11 was blowback for our government's actions in the Arab world -- as Bin Laden said himself -- as did the 9-11 Commission Report.

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It came out of the blue -- like a scheduled airline.

No, I am not making a sick joke. The USA's actions abroad have been anything but peaceful. The trouble is that we don't recognize our government's less than honorable actions as unpeaceful since we tend to not regard the people of other lands as real people.

We enforce sanctions that cause the deaths of a half million CHILDREN and then broadcast on international television that we think the price -- the deaths of children -- is worth it. And we don't think that could possibly upset any of these kids' dads because only Americans love their children. The US government keeps keeps doing stuff like this all over the world and then we act surprised that someone retaliates...?

You're blaming America!

There is a vast difference between motive and justification.
A man who murders his adulterous wife has motive. He does not have justification.

It would be a good idea if our government didn't dole out motives to attack us quite so generously.

"It was a brilliant summer day in a world at peace. The world’s superpowers, once locked into conflict by irreconcilable ideologies, were now alike committed to stable, prosperous co-existence...."

It was a world at peace -- in our own living rooms. Not in the living rooms of people being being sanctioned to death.

It's insane that people who scream that Obama is destroying America -- or Clinton -- or insert most hated president of either party -- can't consider the idea that these guys might do stuff to harm other countries too.

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Somebody has to keep Republicans honest. You've come to believe your own propaganda....

But I make a point of stopping in at regularly too. Somebody has to keep Democrats honest too.

Groupthink is not a good idea for the right or left.

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When I found this site called Big Government I assumed it meant that in a pejorative way -- and that it was an anti-Big Government website, ha ha. I should not have assumed....

I have never seen such steady insistence on maintaining maximum possible government as I've seen on this site. Liberals and progressives could come here and feel purged of any and all of their big-spending guilt....

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Larry O'Connor is more than just another ideologue and idiot. He is a calculating and very malevolent man. He comes across as merely an idiot in the sense that just because a crime is a particularly egregious crime and has a lot of victims does not change it from being a crime to an act of war -- yet he can't see that. There is no other country involved -- only murderers and other criminals. Bin Laden did not have the authority to make a declaration of war on behalf of any country.

Justice could have been served quickly had the right approach been taken -- an approach the military understands but doesn't provide enough prime time theater fto serve the interests of the political class. A huge army is too blunt an instrument for taking out terrorists. It's like using a wrecking ball where a scalpel is needed. The approriate response was special forces or hired mecenaries using letters of marque and reprisal -- as per the constitution.

But certain people aren't interested in effectiveness and constitutionality. There is a lot of money to be made in war, after all....

Larry O'Connor is a war profiteer who has sought to change the meaning of words so that he can be better positioned to personally profit from callously sending sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers to war unnecessarily -- and insisting that they be deployed again and again and again and again and again. They -- not him.

Note that Larry O'Connor did not respond to the "declaration of war on America" by lining up at the recruiting station and signing up to go fight this war and defend America. He felt no such urgency, no such compulsion. He sat back and thought about how he could use the situation to his own advantage. When in doubt always follow the money....

Liberals are very generous at giving away other people's money.
Neoconservatives are very generous with sacrificing other people's lives.

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Conservatives think its "cute" that the left loathes Perry. They forget that in order to win the election Perry would need to convince a good chunk of Obama voters to vote for him instead. While it is true that a significant number of Obama voters are disappointed in Obama's performance it is not because they were hoping he'd be even more of an unabashed war-monger and corporatist than he turned out to be. They weren't hoping Obama would be more like Perry.

The left loathes Perry. And the left loathes Bachmann. You need to quit smoking whatever it is you're smoking if you think Perry will win against Obama. Perry is stoopid personified -- and the way he adds some extra twang in his stupid-sounding Texas accent doesn't help. In order to sound smart on monetray policy he plagiarized old Ron Paul speeches. He seriously thought nobody would notice! Geeze!

"Supposed" conservatives amaze me how quickly they disregard big government policies when they are done by someone wearing a Republican jersey. If Perry did the exact same things while he was still a Democrat Republicans would be calling him the Spawn of Satan.

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Gag me with a spoon. Rick Perry is a Big Government liberal redistributionist welfare and nanny statist neoconservative fraud. That being the case it occurs to me that I must have misunderstood the nature of this site when I clicked "like." I didn't realize it was "promoting" Big Government.....

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it would seem some of the premises of Ames and others here have been bogus from the start. "Ames and Levine alleged that Santelli’s famous “rant heard around the world” that inspired the Tea Party movement “was not at all spontaneous as his alleged fans claim, but rather it was a carefully-planned trigger” for an “anti-Obama campaign.”

The Tea Party had already long since started -- back in 2007 -- by Ron Paul supporters -- who were protesting Bush's corporate bail-outs. When Obama did the same thing they protested him too. There are news clips that support this.