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Alta, like any other private business operation have every right to establish their rules as they see fit, period. No one is being denied any "Constitutional right" as per Alta's (thankful) ban on snowboarders. The plaintiff will prevail and once more, snowboarders make themselves out to be the horse's petunias that they inherently are.

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First, whoever the hell you are, what do you remotely know about medicine? Obviously you're a full on Obamatron..........., 'nuff said.

I'll speak solely to the Hospice Nurses" advertisement......... Hands down, one of the finest pieces of advertising I've ever witnessed, period. Only a sick, demented (liberal) mind would see otherwise. Much akin to the liberal interpretation of the "Wizard of Oz"................. "Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets. Then teams up with three strangers to kill again."

Dear God, liberals.................... When will the nightmare end?

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Lucia (and Hill) should have been let go a good three to four years ago, bringing Guentzel into position as he rightly deserves. Lucia is too much about himself and it shows more and more with each new day.

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The Mayor of Los Angeles?

Look more like waiter in some kitschy/ersatz Chinee restaurant. Hey waiter, you get me more water............

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You left out being Caucasian.

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We've seen this before. This is what it REALLY is..................... Wake up America, smell the savagery.

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Straight up. If Roland Martin were white, he would have been fired, not suspended. Welcome to New Africa, formally known as the United States.

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Aren't you die hard freedom and liberty supporters glad the US military is over in Afghanistan preserving freedom and liberty at how many dead Americans to date.................?

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Our family lived in Cuba for several months each year between 1953 and 1958 as my father and other doctors provided free medical procedure and services to Cubans throughout the year in exchange for our being able to be in Cuba for several months per annum, enjoying all the nation had to offer which it v. well did. I remember so much and it was all good as Mike would like to conveniently dismiss.
In 2007, my father and I returned to Cuba for several days and I cannot begin to describe the ruination, devastation, the complete empty void within the spirit and infrastructure of what was as we viscerally experienced first hand over nearly seven years a pleasant and vibrant nation, a pleasant and vibrant people and its culture combined with a mixture of outside nationals who were not at all completely American by the way as so many ignoramuses like to believe.
From an agro-economic standpoint alone you simply have no idea as to how rich Cuba inherently was. For many decades - post Castro, the opposite is the case and today the nation is so dilapidated they cannot even produce sugar, for that matter a number of other crops or livestock. The spirit of the people - who are not free, who do not have a free media, who cannot travel outside their "nation" - has been crushed. Pardon me, brought in line............. Little works. Few of my family's friends survived the "change in government", inclusive of their at the time teen-aged children. Small wonder.
Gone are the beautiful venues, the nice restaurants and stores, the ever-present tidiness/cleanliness, the roads and buildings are in ruins. Little works. But the "education" system is free. So too, "medical care".
I wish Mike had been in my shoes as a child and could have witnessed what I did, moreover been in Cuba in 2007 to see "progress" and as he likes to affectionately describe, ".........., the interests of the majority of a nation's citizens.............."

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Breitbart hypocrite PC GESTAPO.