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This coming from a guy who's user name is AnarchoSoc. Which, if I'm not mistaken is short for Anarchist-Socialist. How can you be an Anarchist and a Socialist when both of those ideologies are the complete opposites of each other. Anarchy being an ideology of absolutely no government and Socialism being an ideology of absolute government. Obviously you can't be both. So it comes down to this, either you are mistaken or you (say it with me) lack critical thinking skills.

Game, Set, Match.

Here is something else you need to learn if you're going to make comments on the internet in the future. Lose the the whole 'argumentum ad hominem' tactic. It makes you look desperate and people won't take you seriously. Just some friendly advice.

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Good luck in trying to repeal the 1791 Bill of Rights. The Democrat/Progressives have wanted to repeal it for a century but will never succeed in doing it.

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OK let’s play your game then. Let's say for the sake of argument that corporations do slow down websites. Your solution is to give internet control to the Federal Government, and you believe with wholeheartedness that the Federal Government will not abuse said power. If that’s true then you’re outta your freaking mind.

Let’s also say for the sake of argument that the GOP reclaims the White House and the Senate in 2012. The GOP being the right-wing puppy-killing baby-eating Satanists that your side seems to claim them as, decides after getting into power that they should just start shutting down website that don’t share they’re point of view. And they legally can because the Democrats got Net Neutrality the last time they were in power.

So if I had to choose between corporations slowing down websites or the Federal Government running roughshod over the Internet. I’m going with the corporations on this one.

Also before you roll out the talking point: “Nobody in this country should be without internet” Let me save you the trouble. Internet Access is a luxury not a right, and there is already public internet, its called Dial-Up. When I younger and my family came upon tough times, one of the first things to go was the internet. We as a family thought that food was a little more important than internet access.

Sarcasm aside, I as a Conservative believe that Government should have no part in controlling or regulating the private sector. Now if the Government wants to buy something out of the private sector like an F-15 fighter jet from Boeing then I’m completely cool with that. If somebody commits a crime in the private sector I believe that the Government should be able to arrest and prosecute said criminal. However I draw the line at the Government taking over or regulating an industry. If a corporation does something that pisses off customers then the customers will chose another company, and the corporation will take a hit in they’re profits and adjust accordingly because, unlike the Government, corporations need to make a profit to survive.

The laws of Economics keeps companies from going too far into dirtbaggery.

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Wow, 7 years before I was born. I may not have been around for this but I do remember Windows 4.0 when I was a wee baron. I remember the big floppy disks you had to put in and pull the latch down. My favorite game was Virgin's 'Shuttle'. Of course I never played the game the right way, I was too busy trying to find all the ways for the shuttle to blow up. Ah toddler-hood.

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So in other words: "We can't win the debate so were just gonna cheat."

I think that's the first lesson in Libo-Progressive 101.

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You want to know funny part about this. He won't respond to you because you just absolutely pwned him into the next century. People like him are kinda afraid to admit defeat.

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Yeah, there's probably some truth to that. lol

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I never really understood this show. Mostly because I've met bikers before and they're good, honest, people. This show is almost a slander to them.

Just another example of Hollywood getting real life wrong... again.

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Are you talking about the same reporter who shoved the security detail?

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GO MARCO!!! I wish I was voting for him. But I had the next best thing, I helped vote Murkowski outta office. Now waiting for the general election. Ah, I will be happy knowing that Miller and Rubio will be going to the Senate together.