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Wow. why is it always the douchebags who have never set foot into any of the armed services, let alone a foreign country, who always think they know everything? Get out of the Ku Klux Klan and serve your country you ignorant fool.

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the funny thing is, the loony left doesn't even realize that if islam ever did become the largest religion in the U.S. (thanks to al jazeera), and shariah was implemented, then the liberals would be among the first slaughtered for not "submitting."

they need to cut public funding and silence the jazeera's jihad soapbox NOW.

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sorry, but travelling from canada to amsterdam to buy some "kickass weed" does not count as "around the world," c*cksock. and the fact you jerk it to aljazeera indicates that you've never, ever been to a muslim country or lived among muslims, as i have. al jazeera is only necessary if you're an islamofascist sympathizer who thinks america should be destroyed. and just so you know, there are items in arabic that flat out bash America, but never release in Al Jazeera English. but you wouldn't know that because you're canadian, which makes you retarded. i don't need al jazeera to see both sides of the issue. i can research things for myself, unlike you. so shut it.

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blinds for the rest of the world?? in the past six years i have had extended stays in various Islamic countries, and al jazeera does not have anything fair or balanced. and are you really that big of a conspiracy theorist? i have read al jazeera accounts of events to which i was an eye witness, and they spin it like nobody's business. not only that, but aljazeera also OMITS things which make muslims look bad - like repeatedly raping a news reporter, and the Taliban using children as bullet shields... so maybe you should get out into the world and experience it before telling other people they're blind.

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i'm in the military, and if unions ever formed into a thuggish "people's militia," i would fight them tooth and nail - whether under orders or not.

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i'm sorry, but have you ever even BEEN to iraq? because i have. multiple times. and the only people who got hurt were the ones who shot at us first. and destroyed? are you delusional? that country is 10 times as nice as it was before we went in.

and as for being in the middle east, your anti-semitism only shows your ignorance. Israel can and has held it's own from enemies on every border they have. the reason we are in the middle east is because that is the seat of satanic, militant islam. we are there because religious fanatics want to end our way of life and freedom. we have been at war with the moslims since the 1700's. you know my Marine Corps Hymn? the first verse? "From the halls of Montezuma to the SHORES OF TRIPOLI?" yeah. tripoli is in Libya. where muslims hate us, and have always hated us.

well, i'd love to harp on you more for your anti-semitism and your baseless denigration of Israel, the land of my Grandparents, but i know you've got a KKK meeting to get to so i'll leave you to it.

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i know you were attempting sarcasm, but given the state the country is in, you're probably more correct than you think.

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funny one with such horrible grammar wants to criticize another person's writing. what's that old saying about taking the log out of your eye first?

capitalizing letters and pseudo intellectualism do not make good grammar. but misplaced hyphens and missing words speak volumes of your literary ignorance.

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guys, guys, don't you know that the obama administration is never wrong? it is actually spelled Lybia, and everyone else has just had it wrong this whole time. don't you know that rule they teach you in community organizing grammar school? "i before y, except after T and in countries like Lybia and Kirgyzstan.

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so you actually believe that people who support obama came to ther own conclusions that Islam is a peaceful religion, or that spending trillions of dollars and raising taxes is a good thing? the obama administration, through the mouthpiece of the MSM propaganda machine, most DEFINITELY tells people what to think. the simple fact that you disagree with this one simple truth shows that their brainwashing apparatus has been effective.

and if you're going to try to add a snarky catch phrase at the end of your (obvious attempt of mockery) sentence, you should come up with something less lame than "ooooookay, check please." or "wow, tough crowd in here!" don't they teach you that at troll school?