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Because the trolls spammed my rating after that cartoon we did a month ago mocking the first lady. No way to fix it except for other people to upvote me.

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Johnson's comments were done to appease the left to try to get them interested in the film, just as Liam Neeson's comments about Aslan representing all faiths was an attempt to appeal to a broader audience., In both cases I doubt they were trying to offend people, they were trying to market their films. They just weren't very eloquent about it.

As a comics fan/writer I'd say this trailer makes the film look very promising and I don't get any sense that it is another GI Joe. Let's be fair, WWII was an international war. We came in late to the party.

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Yep. And as far as I know there is no way to fix it unless someone has a hack or people vote me up. So please upvote me when you get the chance.

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He might deserve pity if he wasn't such a creep.

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The Marching Moronic Minions of the Media

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Crooks and Liars, Think Progress, are just two of the many sites in the left that outright lie to their readers on a regular basis. They do it just as you explained here. They do it daily, They are shamelessly mendacious propaganda hacks This article is excellent, but we need to expose these creeps daily for what they are.

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So you're a racist, sexist, classist, eh? No surprise there,

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ANWR is just one of many fields we could and should be drilling to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. Too bad the Democrats and the Obama administration want to deny us our own energy sources including coal and natural gas. Hmm...maybe that's because they don't have the country's best interests at heart.

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His eyes are the eyes of the damned.

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Let me guess, #1 is the Wizard of Oz. :)