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Part 2: A proposal toward Action - Draft...

From September 12, 2009 until April 15, 2009 Americans all over the nation boycott by
1)Buying gas only on Tuesday and Thursdays (last names beginning from A – N) ; for others
Monday and Wednesdays. Friday minimal purchases. No gas on Saturdays or Sunday.
Need a list of gas companies to purchase from (less tax, American Consumer friendly)
2)Use no air conditioning: and, during the winter, southern states use as little heating as possible.
3)Minimize your use of electricity by barbecuing, fire places, wood stoves, use candles, caroseen lamps, enjoy camp fires, etc.
4)Wash your clothes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (last names beginning from A-N) and for
all others Monday's and Fridays. Evenings only.
5)No McDonalds. No products or services that take government funding or sponsor organizations that are not behind fiscal conservatism and Constitutional Principals. Letters mailed to these corporations to announce an all out boycott. 9/12 Group will vent those companies, industries, and/or organizations that fall under this category, and from there, people will notify others in their state.
6)Dates chosen “not to work”. One day those with last names beginning from A – N and the next day individuals with last names from M-Z. If possible, no one get paid on those days so the government receives no taxes.
We would schedule dates, monthly, on Vent to coordinate days. Who knows your boss might like the idea if you take off from work and not get pay (not realizing your doing it to not pay taxes). This would be great from January – April since that is the time “we work for the government”.
7)Children do not attend school. Again children with the last names that begin from A – N take one day off and all others, on the following day. A schedule day will be seen on Vent. I personally disagree with “No Child Left Behind”. Is it possible for parents to withhold their students on “testing days”? Just a thought...
8)Do not purchase stamps. Buy stamps now until Sept. 12 and then stop buying stamps for as long as possible. For mailing gifts, keep gifts small this year to minimize costs.
9)If you smoke, buy and stock up on cigarettes or tobacco now (roll your own) until Sept. 12. After the 12th either don't buy cigarettes or quit. This is something I will need to do. 1)
10)Do not buy clothes or shoes from Sept. 12 – April 15.
11)Be selective of any car you buy and from what dealership or car company.
12)Do not buy food or products that are not made in American, including toys from China. Buy Xmas Presents before Sept. 12 or plan to give hand-made gifts. This would go for Birthday Presents, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, Easter, etc. You might let family and friends know you are boycotting products until the Government listens to the American People or spending our hard earn money..
13)If possible prepare a winter garden.
14)Prepare an extension to the IRS by January 30, 2010 and pay them in small groups (June 15, 2010 people who live in states with state taxes A – N and then July 15, 2010 M – Z. Those who live in states, without state taxes, pay August 15, 2010.
15)When the census come give only your name, address, social security number and the number of people in your household. Send your census form straight to the US Census, certified mail.
16)Do not watch any television news that you feel is bias or does not report on demonstrations, the boycott, or rallies. Send letters to the New Producers and complain. This goes for newspapers, too. Get as much of your news through the Internet.
17)Avoid long distant calls and if possible get rid of as many land lines as possible (one phone line only) or get rid of them all from Sept.- April.
18)Be selective of the charities you sponsor. Read up and investigate (Board Members, Funding, Clients, Lobbing, etc.)
19)My husband suggested boycotting salt and sugar.
20)Boycott soft drinks since this is another area of taxing.

We're looking for anything taxed. Did I miss anything? Is anything unrealistic? Do you think a boycott would make a difference? Any further thoughts? Send you views and opinions as Comments, not a reply. I'll be looking a responses daily so that I can report my findings next Friday at this same time.

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A proposal toward future Action: Draft Part one

Please be as critical and as objective as possible. This will be posted at my Dashboard on Vent I will check in daily to write down changes or further suggestions. I will post what I have observed and your recommended changes on Friday's, 9 pm Central Time, for the next 30 days. If I missed your suggestions, please write on Saturday at 5 pm Central Time or Sunday at 5 pm. I will check in. Lets see where this takes us. Remember this is only a draft and mere suggestions..I

Over the next 60 days we begin to prepare for boycotts, further rallies, and demonstrations that will go on from Sept. 12, 2009 – April 15, 2010.

1)Preparing a stock pile of can foods, water, generator, fans, clothing, stamps and any other items you might choose to boycott or withhold from purchasing or consuming
2)Continue to keep people informed in your state: Write to supportive organizations, blogs, newspapers of future Boycotts, demonstrations, or rallies.
3)Continue to keep communications going: Use Vent to promote boycotts, demonstrations, rallies, legislation, and news items.
4)Email friends and family of future boycotts, demonstrations, rallies, legislation and news items
5)Visit your doctor and dentist before Sept. 12 to clear away any possible check-ups during Sept. 12 – April 15
6)Stock up on prescription drugs
7)Save cash or have cash on hand
8)Repeat information on Vent three times a week , different times of the day, to insure viewing.

On Sept. 12, 2009 try to make it to Washington DC for the major protest and rally. Make reservations now and contact the Washington Tea Party Patriots or other National Organizations already seen on Vent.

Continued as Part 2

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Bare with me, I was taught to be polite (reference to my letter to the President). Here is a letter I just wrote to President Obama and sent by "white house email". I write at least once a month. Yes, I believe it probably falls on deaf ears, but I keep on writing...

Dear President Obama,

Respectfully, what are you doing to our economy? What is it about the facts you choose not to understand?

It really is so simple and yet you continue to turn a blinds eye to what is happening around you. Could the problem be that the decisions at this point are hard ones since what you believed, in theory, is not working? Or, that your ideology that government is the solution to all our problems is not realistic? Are you afraid of what a change in policy might do to you politically? Do you think that those who voted for you will be upset? You might be surprised that if you changed your course, how differently you might be perceived.

Sir, you are loosing support, even among those who voted for you. If you do not change the course now, you will further distant yourself from the American Public and find your job even more difficult.

Listen: We have no more money. There is no more money to spend. This domestic issue should be foremost to you. Every moment of your day should be toward solving this problem.

To begin: Stop depleting and taring down our economic system with more spending, further government growth, and unpredictable job incentives by taking from one industry and moving it into one that is barely sustainable (wind and solar and a universal health care system).

Stop taking money from future generations before they have a chance to enjoy their own lives and their own future. Remove and dissolve billions and billions of dollars of government waste and programing, with administrative cuts included. Allow individual States to either fail or succeed on their own growth and productivity. Stop increasing the Federal Government's duties and responsibilities. Look at the existing programs and remove the waste, first ,before anything new is developed.

Stop our representatives from manipulating our financial system and frankly, running it into the ground, by allowing wasteful time and money spent on insignificant, unimportant, irresponsible government funded programs. We just do not have the money.

Stop promising other countries we will financially support Global, No Carbon, Energy Programs. We can not afford it and we do not have the money.

And most importantly, stop printing money.

You have the influence and the power to do all these things. If you were to discern every advice given, every action taken and every legislation written with those goals, above, I believe the economy would improve. Stop rushing everything, too. There is something to be said of being prudent and insure clear, understood legislation.

If you further the need to increase taxes on the American People, small businesses, corporations, and industries you will further increase unemployment and production will cease. Once this happens, the US Government will no longer survive. It will have nothing more to take from. Is this what you really want?

As a business owner and someone who is accountable to a Board of Directors, Clients and Employees, I hold a difficult position. For example, if the Board wants to spend beyond its means, I am the one who tells them no. If the CEO wants to spend more money, when I know that further expenses ( without further production) will destroy the business, I must say no. If Employees want raises, but the money isn't there because of financial obligations, I am the one who has to tell them no. The same principle applies to you.

The American People can not afford reckless leadership. No matter how much I may want something for our business, for the Board of Directors, or clients and the employees, I must make the hard decisions to insure the safety and welfare of the business first. You must do the same for our country. Without tough leadership, we will become weak and eventually perish.

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Count me in! I feel a summer cold comin' on...

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As we are planning a protest and brainstorming, I will share with you some other ideas that I received over the last several days. I have been pondering them (Questions: Are they realistic, worth doing, etc). So with your assistance, I will throw them out there and see what you think:

1) At the Tea Party I attended in Texas, the quest speaker with a financial background, was asking everyone to pull there money out of their banks that were supported by the "Bail-out's or received "Stimulus Money". We should do at the same time, within the same week. He went into discuss the "money game" banks and the Federal Reserve play with our money. He said that if enough people did it, the affect would make an impact on the Federal Reserve. He suggested that you call your bank, if they are funded with Stimulus Money, pull your money out and deposit it in a bank that is not receiving Federal Funds through Bail-outs or Stimulus.

2) We minimize the amount of travel (use of gasoline) we use. This would mean to begin backing off vacations or extended travel.

3) We not use electricity as we might normally use. Cut back drastically on all use of energy.

4) We not buy any "new" clothes or goods.

5) We only buy food and the basic needs.

6) We call in sick all on the same day.

7) We hold our children home from school on the same day.

8) We all take an extension on our income taxes.

In other words, we hold back money from our government. Every area we are taxed we reduce drastically for 90 days.

I was told that if we shut down as much of our purchases and activities as much possible and we had enough people doing it, at the same time, it would have an affect on government funds. I was told this is how an aparthe (sp?) brought South Africa to its knees.

I have not read up on the actions of an Aparthe (sp?) so this is only based on sharing ideas with another person. As of today, I have no facts. So such actions would need to be reviewed. I will look into this myself over the next 4 days and write on this site Friday at 9 am Central Time. But I think, and I could be wrong, if we all planned a day that we would begin to boycott all supplies and services (to the best of our ability) and wrote a standard letter to our Congressmen/woman and Senators what and when our boycott would might have an affect. I think we could try this over 90 days and see what occurs.

I would contact my neighbors and Tea Party members and ask that they join us. My only concern is that more stimulus money would be dumped into the economy. What do you think? Am I way off base? I'll check in. Don't feel that you have to reply. Post your own comments and I will check it out all week to see what is said.

I really am willing to participate. We just need to do it. We don't need a leader. We just need times, places and a plan.

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neither are my grandchildren...but, heck, there are always 20 other fast food places to choose from...I think I'll write McDonald's tomorrow and let them know they're being boycotted: 5 grandchildren and 6 adults will not be eating at McDonalds from now on.

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Late last night I was all over the internet to find news. Whether it was Fox News or CNN, there was nothing. I then went to the internet. Low and behold, CBS had an article out (I was shocked). Here is a link to the article:

Today, I came to the same conclusion you did. Fox is distancing itself to make a point (Tea Parties are independent, grassroots movement); and, its a good one. Now if I can just get my newspaper to stop referring to us as a Republican Movement. They're missing the point: All are welcomed for those who want us back to Constitutional Principles and less government involvement.

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Yesterday, I went to my local Tea Party. It was great. For a small town we had about 500 people. We had guest speakers, some music, and for those who felt a need, individuals were given the mike to share their thoughts and dreams for this great country of ours. I was not alone.

I took my sign and walk in a large circle inside the group. The sign read "No Cap and Trade, No Way!" and on the other side it read "NO Universal National Health Care / Shoot it down NOW ". I'm from Texas, so the shoot it down seem appropriate. I bet I walked a total of 5 miles, all within two city blocks.

Toward the end, I move myself on the main street just in front of the rally so traffic would have to recognize not only my sign but the rally. Two other men joined me with there's. It was hot but we walked back and forth and back and forth for the last hour of the rally. A police car drove by and there was no problem. Some people honked, others just stared (like I was a KOOK), some young people took my picture and I got the occasional thumbs up. I felt great coming home. But its not over and yes, it is not enough.

Can you even imagine what our Founding Fathers went through? It took them as much as much as 10 years to sign the Declaration of Independence and we are complaining about 9 months or so. Folks, we got a long haul ahead of us. It is going to take rallies and protests, letters and more phone calls, and more people to wake up before real, lasting change will take place. We are only the beginning, so be patient. A leader may come or not. A revolution might rise up or not. But our voice, our vote and our need will not...that is what we keep pushing for.

So keep comin' back! Keep venting! Tell us how your Tea Party events are going! And for God's Sake, keep Marching On!

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Well, I've been writing to US Representatives, made a few phone calls, signed several petitions, sent off 75 faxes and emails and showed up, walking with my sign, at my local Tea Party yesterday. It has been a busy two weeks, let alone 9 months. Gosh, this doesn't even include work and family. I came to Vent to see how things are going and what you have to say. I expect nothing more.

To those who want to hook up and meet for some worthy adventure, I will pass. I like this sight for what it was intended for: to voice anonymously my political views. No consequences, no having to agree or disagree, and no commitment to anyone or anything. Just voice my thoughts and read others. I like it that way. There is no other place I can be so freed up.

I belong to two tea parties (my small town and metro city near by), to the 9/12 group, blog on my Tea Party's website, trying to make changes in my political affiliation, share thoughts on My Facebook, etc. I think that is enough for now. I come to Vent, to vent, to read your vents, and if I'm lucky, gather new petitions or links to sign and review.

I did not come here to give you my name, location, email or website. I also didn't come here to make friends. I came to share, absolutely whatever and read whatever. To be anonymous is a luxury. Please don't change it Mr. Beck. I love it just the way it is!

For those who want to protest in the streets, just write and tell me where and when. If I can make it, I'll be there.
For those who want to start a revolution, you do what you need to do. I may show up eventually or I may not.
For those who want to harass others for speaking out against the existing administration (better known as trolling trolls), go find something better to do. I'm not talking about those who disagree. I am talking about real loons with a goal to be mean. Frankly, nobody cares. I read a sentence or two and move on.
For those who want to get a count of how many are here because they relate this to some gathering of friends. Please, get back to Tea Party sites; that is what they are there for. Stop trying to change what Vent is.
For those who are well read and perceive themselves as Kooks because they see the bigger picture, my hat is off to you. But don't expect anyone to agree with you. I have a hard time trying to get family and friends to grasp Cap and Trade, let alone anything bigger than that.
And finally to the FBI, CIA, or any other Big Brother Agency: Hello. Remember, I am you sister, your brother, your mother, and your father. So be careful who you classify as a terrorist or an enemy of the state. Most of us, me included, are just trying to make a difference. We are no threat to anyone. For God Sakes we are Americans...just people who believe in the US Constitution and love this country deeply. So don't get weird on us and start files that are absolutely of no concern.

Whew...that felt great. Now on to what I really came her to share...

So lets all get back to voicing our thoughts, sending our links, giving out our petitions, and telling our government we are not letting up, because we aren't.

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Rhetoric oozes from Washington.

The key is to listen and detect the intent. It is an art form and something to study well. Obviously, too many people get stuck on what they want to hear and find critical thinking too difficult. It doesn't matter if it is President Obama or any other individual in politics, you've got to open up your mind, listen, and research what they are saying. My father taught me, while in school, to take the side you don't agree with and study their views. Once you do that, you're ready to debate the subject with the best of them, even the President of the Untied States.

How you get President Obama is to ask him questions and keep him on point. You don't let up. If you can do this, you've got him. This is what makes a great journalist. You expose not by your comments but by the questions you ask him and the answers he gives.

Remember Speaker of the House Pelosi? It didn't take much for her to crack.

Take it one more step...When candidates start to rise up and hustle your vote, hit them hard with questions, even if you like them. Don't let up. They are going to have to be tough and they are going to have to be able to stand on their political principles. I don't want fluff; and God knows we're full of it in this country. What I want is real substance and I am going to make them work for it.