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We are a people who have allowed or committed:
Rape, incest, murder, genocide, infanticide, domination, manipulation, intolerance and hate.
Money, privilege and power in varying amounts have been allotted to us in return for our cooperation.
If you have ever felt so empty or contemptuous “of it all” that you have contemplated, or even attempted, suicide, I posit the reason is that you were/are missing the answers to questions you may not even realize you seek.
“The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry.” I bid you all well on your journey, whatever path you choose.

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Sorry, MeJane, I meant to address this comment to Ciceroni. But thank you for your consideration. And Catherine Austin Fitts is a sane, informed voice for these insane truths; I'm glad you'll read her information.

This is my second to last post. I hope you will not think too poorly of me after the next one. I admire the courage and vigor of the many who post here. No matter their opinion, there activism and passion are heartening.

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Retroactive taxation has been a weapon utilized many a time. Here are some interesting links regarding the matter, one from the Heritage Foundation web site, and the other from Aaron Russo's account of his personal experience, (Freedom to Fascism).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbhzgZqWt8k (see 8:00 for story on retroactive taxes imposed on him) Scary.


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Here's information from someone from the inside who has bravely persevered in disseminating the truth she learned as Assistant Secretary of Housing at HUD.


If nothing else, this should help remind us that there are good people in government and we shouldn't give in to the hate-mongering they promote amongst us. We are all members of the human race, one worthy race--no matter what it might seem.

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I agree that the amendment 13 doesn't seem to be the answer.

Regarding conspiracy theories. Don't close your mind to possibilities because a negative connotation to the word "conspiracy" has been ingrained into you. What is the coalition theory? That leaders around the world have coordinated their efforts to bring about a partnership in leading the world. Is that not a known fact? Now that that bias is out of your way, can you look at what is being affected by these leaders and see that it is in the way of massively increased controls over the world population and development?

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Look, I don't remember what site this was, but there was an audio clip of Beck discussing 9/11 about a year or so after it occurred, and in the clip he was very much on the truthers' side. He's very aware of all the evidence, but he needs to stay on the air, and the ONE THING they won't let him be a proponent of is conspiracy--of any sort. He's providing a lot of information for people who wouldn't otherwise have a clue as to what's happening, and for that I thank him. Remember to love.

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That's what I mean. I've been on this site for the last 10+ hours, and I've seen a ton of activities/committees/ideas/etc. It just seems so...dispersed. A few thousand people here, a few hundred there. There are so many agendas addressing minutiae while everybody ignores one important fact: we are no longer governed under the US Constitution--legally!!!!!!!!! Why is no one getting this?!!!!!! We're all fired up about the administration's "unconstitutional" actions when the argument's null because our Constitution no longer applies, and they just won't tell us until they've disarmed us and are good and ready. Sigh. I'm sounding like a nutcase, but check the facts, please.

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I have to admit that after searching long in all the wrong places, I gave up for a long time. But things are different now, DanielB. Something's changed in recent years, and it's building to an incredible level. It's not just the government. People are changing; I'm Exhibit A. I was nothing less than an outright, close-minded skeptic for more than the last decade. Compared to what I was, what I am today is my personal miracle. I can hardly believe the evidence all around me, that has always been there, but I denied, denied, denied it. Only the truth will set us free, it's a fact. But it's so hard to share because we've been so deceived.