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"Why is Clinton disliked"?

She is a soulless, Zionist, scum of the earth.

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After what AmeriKa did to them, the Vietnamese would be stupid to allow the US a "military presence" (occupation) in their country...and I believe Russia is already at Cam Ranh naval base?
Vietnam has repeatedly stated they don't want to take sides, that they want to be friends with everyone.

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The US cries out in pain as he strikes you...as he adds more and more weapons and troops to the nations bordering Russia, Russia is the aggressor. Where have we heard this sort of Talmudic logic before?

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What a joke this guy is.

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"These bullies and racist thugs want to punish us all for their inadequacies"
Sure that's it. People are inadequate because they lose their jobs to cheap immigrants. All these cheap shots these dicks are taking at white people. I tried not to notice it but it's ridiculous now. Like blacks don't commit a disproportionate number of crimes relative to their population. Like Muslims don't come and shoot people for their stupid religion. Obama is a failure and an idiot and more of the same with Red Bernie or Hillary is a final nail in the coffin. The author is a racist supremacist Chosenite and their target is white people. Sanders also said whites don't know what it's like to be poor. And he mentioned the Holocost as well. Back to VT old man. And Yoav, back to israel with you.
How does anyone take these jew propagandists seriously?

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The Neocohens will defect to Hillary because she is more likely to keep lining their pockets with endless war for israel and confrontation with Russia. They were all reformed Trotskyites anyway and further pushed the GOP to be a near mirror image of the Donkey Party.
Two obvious things that we can note:

1) The Republican jews have no loyalty to their party. They pretended for years they loathed Hillary Clinton, and now they have a strong candidate that can knock her out, they undermine him with their money and media. Organized jewry is scared to death they won't have this Goy on speed dial kissing their asses. Oh the horror!
2) The Trump run is openly exposing the American democratic process as an absolute farce. Love him or hate him, you gotta admire his gumption. He slaps down the career pols in a way that is very refreshing.
And yes the party kikes and their media will both literally and figuratively kill the guy if he isn't careful.

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Does any other nation put up with illegal aliens the way America does? Mexico has a giant wall on their southern border. Are they racist? Is the Mexican president angry that we might not take his illegal mestizos anymore? Shame.
This douche should tell us which establishment retard we should vote for instead of Trump. Which status quo candidate with all the attendant lobbyists should we pick?
Do you even live in the US? Why should we care what you think about American elections anyway? Get lost with your fear mongering propaganda. All you offer his conjecture. Trump may do this or that. You really sounds like a terrified little girl about to wet her pants in fear, like both the Democrats and the Republican fraud parties uniting in their opposition to Trump. If you think Trump will be worse than Bush and Obama, you're an idiot. He's not in anyone's pocket.

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All I can say is good luck Hezbollah. As the Lebanese army stands off to the side while israel bombs your cities you'll be there to fight. When the time comes, the missiles will again be raining down on israel, maybe wiping that smug look off Netty's face. Hallelujah make it rain on the bastards. Make it hurt their psyche and their pocketbook. That's the only language they know.

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The fox came and killed your chickens, yet you congratulate the fox for keeping the other foxes away.

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F.U. sucker