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Some people in Europe supported Hitler and even joined the Nazis in spying on and attacking their fellow citizens when the Nazis invaded. Ukraine for instance which was a mixture of ethnic Russians, Poles, German, Tartars and others had a large number of Nazi collaborators.

From 1941, it is estimated that 110,000 Soviet prisoners of war, communists, Ukrainian nationalists, Roma and 34000 Jews were massacred at Babi Yar canyon in just one of the extermination campaigns by the German army and Ukrainian Nazis.

Descendants of those Nazi collaborators have often grown up hating the Soviets because they defeated Hitler, hating Jews and hating those who punished their ancestors for war crimes. Their hateful propaganda is still evident on the web and in a growing number of neo-nazi groups. Not long ago they took over Ukraine again.

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They are always there. B)

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Well said. That’s what we have to get into the public mind if the Palestinians are to be saved.

We can’t let Israel’s tactics win.

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Thank you Scribbleguy for actually writing about the topic.

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Why are you defending Hitler and Nazism?

Why are you effectively defending Israeli fascism with this diversion? I know you don’t intend to but I have seen nothing in your comments on this topic where you actually accuse Israel of crimes against humanity and genocide?

In fact I have seen many Israeli trolls who turn any criticism of Israel off by turning on the holocaust never happened meme.

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I don’t believe that Guido and his mob are sincere. It’s just a strategy to recover from the idiotic last coup attempt and to make Trump look like a statesman for the election. Impossible..

Although some leaders Washington deposed did criticise America, others didn’t. Gaddafi for instance whom McCain called his best friend when Libya was helping round up Al Qaeda terrorists for the US.

America even does the dirty on its long time allies such as Australia, and I’m sure Britain too particularly over Brexit.

So the moral of the story is. Be prepared. Don’t trust Washington, particularly when it starts talking peace negotiations. Korea has been waiting 67 years for a US signature on the peace treaty.

Here’s a list of US treaties. There is a minuscule number of peace treaties and you might like to check out treaties with some particular countries such as Israel.

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Yes, I was locked out of ICH for a long time. I don’t think it was Tom's doing. I suspect trolls. But I kept on reading it, particularly articles by people like Caitlin. And, where I could, I referred to them on other sites

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Yes. Blame Britain for that.

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Israel only exists in its present form because of the special relationship it has with the US.

It was established, funded, armed, including nuclear weapons, by Kennedy and every president since for the specific purpose of preventing the Arab world forming a pan Arab union with its own currency and in control of its oil and pricing.

Even today, the US uses Israel to lob missiles into Syria to prevent it fully recovering from the war America started. The aim is not to normalise relationships with the Arab world but to divide it into separate camps.

Iran is not the enemy. Israel and the US are, and the quisling Arab states like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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Where do you think the meme that the holocaust wasn’t real came from? Israeli trolls of course.

Israel maintains its apartheid regime by using holocaust denial to beat anyone over the head that disagrees with their fascist regime. You just have to look at what happened to the British labour party to see how careers were killed by so-called holocaust denying. It’s a propaganda weapon. A very effective one which prevents the world from stopping the genocide of the Palestinians.

Which is more important. A holocaust which happened, or not, over 75 years ago or the genocide happening right now to the Palestinians?