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Mowing your lawn isn't a big deal- but if you're mowing it 'suspiciously'.... ahhh, that's what sells magazines and gets news ratings.

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Maybe Italy will it have less problems with ISIS when it stops poking the hornet's nest. Might be something to take note of.

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How about urge Congress to accept responsibility and make a formal Declaration of War. If the US is going to be embroiled in this even more, we might as well do it right and stop with these idiotic 'Authorizations of Force'. If Congress is forced to vote on it, we get their names and numbers on where they stand, and it gets the issue in front of the public and on the official record. If Congress is go gung-ho for this, it should be a slam-dun, right? Or.... is Obama afraid to go the legal route, knowing his plans might go down in flames when Congress realizes it works for the public and not for him.

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Mmmmmm okay- so exactly how many 100-man units will be deployed, and will these units all be drawn from the same military higher echelon? Can we expect to see the 82nd Airborne descend on ISIS after being written on the jump manifests in 100-man batches?

Something smells fishy here, and it ain't the fish.

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This is as much, or more, a political move than a military expedient to save 'friendly' lives. Putin knows good and well France- nor anyone else- can come up with such a map, and the inability to do so is bound to be characterized as a lack of coordination and intelligence on the part of the US and associated forces. If we can't supply our target list to the Russians, what are WE using to determine targets?

Putin, just by asking the question, has dealt a huge propaganda loss to 'The West'.

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We didn't exactly discourage Saddam Hussein from rolling up into Kuwait, either- and look what we used that as a pretext for.

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What if ISIS started a war and nobody else showed up?

It's tough to be a martyr when no one will shoot you. You might have to get a job and be productive.

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I believe I read another story that recounted how Abaaoud was confirmed dead in 2011. He's such a mastermind he rose from the grave to carry on his fight? INCONCEIVABLE !

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As General Custer said in 'Little Big Man', "Nothing in this world is more surprising than the attack without mercy!"

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I, too, believe we (collectively) are addressing the problem wrongly. The fly in the peace ointment, though, is that peace isn't immediately profitable and I doubt we'll ever see a politician running for office as the 'Peace President'. If only keeping us out of wars were as popular as getting us into them we'd see some change. Unfortunately, I also believe that as long as the fighting of our wars is done by volunteers and the burden not felt by the country at large it will be tolerated. As soon as Little Johnny is drafted after high school to go fight in some overseas hellhole of our own making, Mom and Pop are going to start getting upset- not to mention Little Johnny, who had plans to go to dance school that summer. As soon as gas prices go sky high (got to ration it so the troops can fight for our freedom, you know) and groceries start disappearing from shelves you'll see changes. But not now, not the way we're doing it.