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Oh Barf. Another poor attempt at laying the blame for everything at the feet of Trump. Why hasn't everyone noticed what a horrid creature the Democratic party has morphed into? such short sighted and biased analysis has compounded the problem!

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Blinded by dogma I see.

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Blinded by dogma I see.

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Fears about the "Normalization of Death"...

Hate to break it to you, but there's nothing more normal than death. I think the whole false idea of "safety culture" has gone too far. There's nothing "safe" about life...

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More gaslighting from so-called "big thinkers".

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I found this article to be quite skewed towards a particular narrative that is not grounded in reality. I've spent a bunch of time over the last countless years ingesting "information" from sources across the political spectrum and find they all have one thing in common... a blindness to their own dogma. One giant circle-jerk of false assumptions and propaganda.

It's a little funny. It's been a long time since I've logged into my "intense debate" account so I went back and read some of the discussions I had a bunch of years ago and we're still talking about the EXACT SAME STUFF, yet feeling oh so morally superior to our political foes. Exercise in futility. And nobody is really looking at the big picture, putting together all the pieces to see what the natural outcome of all this is. I've given this a great deal of thought and from what I can see, we're headed to a very dark place. Buckle up kiddies!

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Ok. I've heard much about statements like this: "Then there are wage slaves who are forced to sell their labour to pay for food, rent, mortgages, heating, and so on."

While predatory capitalism is abhorrent on it's face, what is the viable alternative to working for a living? This isn't a facetious question... From my understanding of the world, the solution does not lie in any of the "isms" ... so what is it?

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This article appears to put the blame on the intolerance being espoused on campus squarely at the feet of the "right". I couldn't disagree more! It seems to me that this is all a result of political correctness gone mad, with everything from shutting down free speech when you disagree with the content, to safe spaces, to the hatred of everything white (especially male). The age of the SJW is upon us and anything outside of the "acceptable narrative" is strictly forbidden. I seriously doubt that the so-call "right" wing media has much to do with it.

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I would seem that the United States has entered the realm of "lost cause".

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Ukraine is more like two countries artificially shoved together. The eastern portion of the country identifies with Russia and it's culture, while the western side is a bunch of nazi loving European wannabees. So perhaps Russia could do well with the eastern portion with it's industry and resources, but the dysfunctional bandarites from the west would be nothing but trouble for Russia.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Russia desires a buffer between them and the NATO countries. Ukraine is that buffer. That is why they did not agree to take in the Donbass like they did Crimea.