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Saudi Arabia/ISIS/Israel has lost the plot and since NATO didn't come to Erdogan's aid after Turkey shot down the Russian Jets it should be abundantly clear to al-Jubeir that he has Buckley's chance the US will fight another war to protect Saudi's Oil.
Blair and Cameron are already being blackmailed by the Saudis so al-Jubeir thinks he will "divide and imperil the Syrian Peace process" widening the conflict and ensnaring Obama, who has made it abundantly clear the US is not embarking on another WW while he is in office.

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al-Baghdadi sounds like Iraq Comical Ali who when everything around him was reduced to cinders remained steadfast and optimistic.

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Adel al-Jubeir is delusional, a bully and a coward! Why didn't he use his troops to protect Palestinians from Israel mass murder and land theft

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Putin pointing out Russia's ability to target ISIS rebels from Russian submarine circling the harbor would have been a wake up call for Kerry. US should pack up its marbles and take the blood thirsty ISIS rebels with them and leave.

Wonder if Kerry had to sign a SOFA like Bush did when he realized his Iraq war was over without Iran firing a single shot

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Erdogan has lost his marbles! He shoots down a Russian Jet for violating Turkey's air space and murders Russian pilots for an infringement which lasted only a matter of minutes yet he has the nerve to move his tanks and troops inside Iraqi sovereign borders.
Off with his head!

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All the proof and violation of Greece airspace, shooting down Russian Jet,Turkish land invasion and trading in stolen Syrian oil should be legitimate reasons to send Erogan to la Hague and reasons enough to turf him out of NATO and deny him membership to the EU

Perhaps he would sing like a bird and take his other belligerent cohorts down with him

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Kerry is a dope on a rope. Assad has been fighting these Jackals coveting Syrian oil for years. NATO used the agreed Russian No Fly Zone in Libya for a 26Ks blitzkrieg on unarmed civilians so Russia is unlikely to swayed by anything Kerry says. The long standing agreement with Syria gives Russia legitimacy and exposing ISIS lifeline to Turkey's after Erdogan shot down the Russian Jet is sweet revenge.

One has to agree with Russia that any fighter not a part of the legitimate Syrian Government are designated Rebels/Terrorists/Mercenaries/Jihadists/ISIS and should be routed

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After Russia exposed Turkey/ISIS dealing in stolen Syrian oil, Erdogan vehemently denied it and would resign if Russia had proof. Here we have US admitting it which would explain their reluctance to bomb the supply line until Russia came on the scene.

US admission, Russian/Iranian proof now nothing is stopping Erdogan from resigning.

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US bombing is to support one bunch of rebels from another bunch of rebels provided it gives them continued access to stolen oil. Under a life long agreement signed between Russia and Syria Putin is there to keep his terms of the agreement. Russia refuses to recognize any difference between the coalition rebels and ISIS and US has no legitimate business being there..

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Agreed. Remember vividly Hillary shocked appearance when she realized they were 'her' mob who attacked the compound