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Very good article so I thank you, whether intentionally or not. Whether Trump or Sanders, Regime Change is coming to the US this 2016. One difference is that Bernie echoes the "Assad MUST go" of regime-changers of the past 10 years. Bernie will try to revive the old "Compassionate Capitalism" of FDR and wannabes; Trump might shake up Globalization's "Free" Trade remnants.

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Spare my ignorance, but why doesn't Russia help Greece financially through the BRICs?

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We have no defense against Fagcism

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Operation Herod, 400 Palestinian children massacred, another achievement of Nazinyahu

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China, Russia & Germany might be thinking about a way to get the Axis of Good (AngloUS) out of Eurasia. They have to be discreet but think big. One way that it might work is through trade pacts & agreements with each other, or with Latin America (China building the Nicaragua Canal, China having the most extense world web of railways) maybe through the BRICS. China is also buying large chunks of Italy. If that trend is indeed at work and solidifies soon in the present economic conditions, Australia might have to realign. What do you think?

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Canadian Premier hidding in closet during the shootout, while some others tried to improvise spears from the flag poles. So many years working for the Axis of Good... http://www.contrainjerencia.com/?p=95335

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If your calculations are right, this would put the issue in a whole new context. Numbers matter. How about these numbers, Fitz: millions of veterans of war, unemployed or subemployed; then somehow, someone finances them, and voilá, in a year or less, one has the German S.A. Parallel to that trail of thought, I would like more literature on who's financing ISIS? Yes, I know what Cohen said, as spokesperson for the US Government.

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Farflung, do you place Obama in the same slot than Bush Jr.? based on the fact that both are "stupid hicks"? Please answer

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Oh Lawd! I don't understand a thing although the article is well written; I will keep on trying to self-educate, but (for one time) I will refrain from commenting. "Ignorance never stopped me before"

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the only worldwide institution whose leaders have condemned it is the Roman Catholic CHurch