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It's amazing that Israel objects to Palestine pursuing recognition as a state by the UN... when Israel itself was created out of thin air by recognition as a state by the UN!

It's even more telling that Palestine is seeking statehood peacefully- not by force of arms, not by economic warfare- and Israel and the US just can't stand it.

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I haven't seen the show, but based on this review it seems right on the mark. While we're not mowing our lawns or washing our cars or praying or doing laundry or cooking dinner or picking up kid's toys or praying or driving carpool to or from school or cleaning up skinned knees or praying or trying to hold down a decent job or deliver babies or fix computers or put out neighborhood fires, you know exactly what we're doing...

While the women are upstairs all us men- swarthy and thickly bearded and turbaned, every one- are sitting in the basement listening to Radio Tehran and chanting 'Allahu Akbar' while smoking a hookah and sharpening our beheading knives and cleaning our Kalashnikovs and plotting the overthrow of the Western World. We do this EVERY NIGHT until the wee hours of the morning when we...

mow our lawns, wash our cars, do laundry, do our prayers- oh, wait I said all that before. Right, like we've got time to sit around plotting death and destruction. Those Girl Scout cookies don't sell themselves, you know.

The truth is, and most if not all of you here know this, 99.99% of Muslims- and even more so in the US- are We have the same dreams and aspirations, for the most part, and almost never- except in the very rare celebrated incidents- do those dreams and aspirations involve harming anyone or anything. I know the men at my mosque pretty well, and I can say with confidence that about the only thing they could terrorize would be a free salad bar.

As a white American male- and a Muslim- I have to laugh at the anti-Muslim hysteria sometimes, I really do. If we were a fraction as vicious and crafty as people thought we were, do you really think the Middle East would be in the shape it's in? Really? The fact is, Muslims in America are roughly where the blacks were in the opening or ending stages of the Civil Rights era- it's either not as bad now as it's going to get, or the worst is over and we're gaining acceptance. Every group, ethnic or religious, has had the same rite of passage- demonization followed by acceptance and integration- and Muslims and Islam is proving to be no different in America.

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Clearly, he's taken to heart the example Obama has set for world leaders. Above the law, indeed.

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That's fine- cut aid to Palestine. I'm sure the Russia or China- or Iran- will be more than happy to step in and fill the void. Palestine will become independent one way or another, and if the US is smart we'll get on board with that right now or be locked out of all those fat nation-building contracts down the road and lose yet another sphere of influence. I'm sure Israel would LOVE to have an Iranian embassy right next door, snooping on them from up close.

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Funny that the Israeli street will scream for war against Palestinians, but shrink into the shadows when it comes to taking on Iran by themselves. It sure makes a difference when your chosen enemy can't fight back, doesn't it?

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Hmmm... usually, two interceptors are fired from an Iron Dome battery for each incoming missile; at $90,000 per interceptor that's quite a hefty price tag, considering there have been a few hundred outbound rocket from Gaza this round. Now, if those Gazan rockets ARE unarmed, we're talking a very low unit cost for each one and just the cost disparity is enormous.

I wonder how Joe Sixpack would react if he knew the US budget for 2013 included 210 billion dollars to pay for Israel's Iron Dome System when Israel itself was providing only 1 or 2 million itself, and that only in the testing stages.

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HAHAHAHAHA !!!! Well, well, well- look at that. We get blackmailed by Israel with their 'give us tanks and planes or we'll have no choice but to use nuclear weapons' back in the day, and now the FSA is using the exact same play 'give us tanks and planes or we'll have no choice but to become terrorists'. Maybe Rev Jeremiah Wright really wasn't all that far off the mark when he railed about 'America's chickens coming home to roost'.

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And all those who were in the Romney camp will be doing everything they can to distance themselves from him and get back in the good graces of the Obamites. Of course, they really didn't mean all those things they said about Obama; it's just politics, you know?

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You can't prove the US government isn't holding the parts of a crashed UFO at Area 51 or any other black site.

Calling for proof of a negative is a game for chumps.

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Read "War Is A Racket" and you'll learn everything you need to know about why we do things the way we do when it comes to fighting 'wars'. Written in 1935 by Marine Major General Smedley Butler, it is just as relevant today as it was so long ago.