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You were not alone in tears shed. The loss of Andrew Breitbart leaves a gaping hole in our hearts how much more then his family. Hopefully the Breitbart staff conveys our love, prayers and outpouring of sympathy to the Breitbart family during this time of grief. Andrew Breitbart will be deeply mourned and missed. I'm so thankful for Andrew's life and his gifts to us.
Borrowing from Francis Chan, "Life is fragile".

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Andrew's passion and love for freedom and for our country were such an inspiration. We owe him a debt of gratitude for the light that he shined on evil. Andrew is irreplaceable because he was unique. I can only hope many will pick up his torch and carry on. This is a time of mourning. The flag should appropriately be at half mast. May the God of all comfort uphold the Breitbart family in His everlasting Arms.

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What a tragic loss for his family and closest friends. They will be in my prayers.
We truly have lost an American hero. This is heartbreaking news. Personally devastating for his family and a awful loss for conservatives.

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The man in the video addressing Holder doesn't appear to actually be Darrell Issa. Holder, Obama and all else responsible should be thrown in the brig or perhaps Guantanamo with their cohorts in crime.

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Share please if you can or mayb share a version that will make it by the "minders"!

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Much wisdom in your remarks and truth spoken.
My favs are the Patriot Post and the Free Beacon.
Check out http://oathact.us/ on the Patriot Post.

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Superb suggestion and solution.

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The GOP needs to take advantage of the anti-Obama sentiment and work their backsides off put forth a candidate who actually upholds the Constitution.
Last comment witheld so...
If you want to preserve our 2nd amendment (Snowe didn't) and put our elected officials feet to the fire, sign the Patriot Post's http://oathact.us/

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The last thing we need is a "moderate". Those "moderates" are exactly the problem. I'll go with a neo-con over a flipping RINO any day.