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Did he write your post? Looks like you might be a anti Semite too.

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Perhaps not, but you're certainly racist.

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To honor Andrew...register, vote and save America.

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Heartfelt and genuine. Many feel exactly the same way, Andrew was one of a kind and made a difference. Condolences to his family, words will never suffice. The very best tribute, is to register, vote and save America.

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Andrew was on track to defeat the communistic Alinskites. We'll have to take it the rest of the way. Register, vote and save America.

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Bertha Lewis is a commie racist hater. No other description is as apt. Oh, and buck ugly too.

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Well, there are some differences. Andrew was never a Klansman like Byrd and never murdered a coworker like Maryjo Kopechne. Andrew was truth, they were lies, but hey, I'm with you, but better than all of that, register, vote and save America, just as Andrew would have wanted.

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Boy am I worried about that "gig"...I didn't even know Obama could play and instrument. Well, working for a band might be a good step after being fired from politics this Nov. next.

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Miller gets it. America was better for having Andrew on it's side. The communistic forces of the left are reveling, but his tapes of the radical and chief will still run and Nov. will be glorious.

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...and the haters are still out there. A glimpse of which can be seen in the ugly posts made by communistic trolls, reveling in Andrew's demise.