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Hey Black Lib,

What are you an idiot? Sarcasm - ever heard of it. Oh that's right, to understand sarcasm it requires a higher brain order.....Never mind. Just go collect your entitlements and leave me alone.

11 years ago @ Frontpage Magazine - Sandra Fluke and the F... · 22 replies · +3 points

I started out feeling for the poor victim Sandra Fluke. I mean, after all she is so sexually active that paying for contraceptives was going to keep her from being able to buy food, or pay for college, or buy clothes, etc. etc.

I thought to myself, of course we tax payers (all 50% of us), need to provide her, and her ilk, with contraceptive devices.

Then, low and behold, I saw a picture of Ms. Fluke and I knew I had been misled. Ms. Fluke’s face all but eliminated the need for any contraceptives.

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Andrew Breitbart, gone but not forgotten. Gone but will never be forgotten. We will miss you Andrew but we will never forget you. RIP

11 years ago @ - Breitbart's Final CNN ... · 0 replies · +32 points

Always truthful and always perceptive. Andrew Breitbart was an American hero.

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All these people are cowards. If they were not cowards they would be in their own country trying to change their own system. I don't know what country they are from but we need to deport them and we need to secure the border. These people are here to take the free stuff our government gives them. They are not here because of jobs. That is a liberal lie. Mexico's unemployment rate is now less than HALF the United States unemployment rate.

You are looking at Obama parasites.

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The NLRB is nothing more than a lobby for the unions. Unions are a waste of time and they hurt our country. With all the regulations in today's world the unions only serve two purposes:

1. They make money for the union leaders (who, in case you haven't notice live high on the hog)

2. They protect incompetent people who would (AND SHOULD) be fired.

For example: because of unions we have incompetent, lazy, useless people over running the teacher's profession. And the real losers are the kids who have these slackers as teachers.

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Warren Buffet is a phony of the first order. All he is doing is saying whatever Obama wants in order to gain favor. Then, he gets Obama to do the things that will make him a lot of money. It's called "crony capitalism" Warren and "We The People" are on to you and the crook in the White House.

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Americans the good guys???? Are you sure this was made in Hollywood?

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Obama and the government should just let the free market work. Instead they are always interfering and always screwing up and making things worse. Let the FREE MARKET WORK you arrogant narcissist.

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Not sure why this was posted. Can someone here expand my thinking and tell me what good "could" come from posting this?