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A joke:

What did the Fundamentalist Muslim say to the Moderate Muslim?

Follow the way of the Prophet or I will kill you you filthy Infidel.

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There is no such thing as a Palestinian to those who know their history and the real facts of Islam.

Just as there is no such thing as a Muslim. Muhammad was not a Muslim. Islam is a fraud. Muhammad was a severely ill charlatan who committed mass murder and numerous other crimes. Muhammad has betrayed his followers.

Muslims ought to relieve themselves of the disgusting fraud of Muhammads Islam and live their own lives. Islam in totality is more harmful than any other lie known to man.

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Like most countries, obviously Russia has very serious problems with corruption. Over time, hopefully these problems can be resolved.

Islam on the other hand, is certain to fail. Certain to fail both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Muhammad was a criminal Madman who duped his followers with threats and promises. He also added some respectable traditions that he borrowed from other sources to his Islam in order to make it more believable.

Muhammads Islam is an utter fraud in totality. Muhammad was not the messenger of god. His fraudulent religion/cult is in fact nothing more than a savage, barbaric, fundamentally unjust ideology in totality.

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Muhammad himself was an extremely sick, mass murdering con man thief.

It is only logical that he would "regularly" inspire such madness and violence in his followers.

Those sane, decent Muslims that have been duped by "Muhammads fraud" must snap out of it and be honest with themselves or we are all in for one rough ride.

To be a Muslim in the 21st century is the ultimate self betrayal. There are no more excuses. The truth has become known. Islam is the most harmful fraud in existence.

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Big Danny Jihad, Daniel "Saifullah" Boyd, is a perfect example of a "fully devout" Muslim following the Islamic prophet.

Muhammad said and did:

Bukhari: volume.5, book.59, number.377:

Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah:
On the day of the battle of Uhud, a man came to the Prophet and said:, "Can you tell me where I will be if I should get Martyred?" The Prophet replied, "In Paradise." The man threw away some dates he was carrying in his hand, and fought till he was Martyred.

Kinda speaks for itself don't it? Any more passengers wanting to get on the 'peace train' (thxs Cat Stevie) of the religion of violence?

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But isn't Islam the religion of peace and tolerance?

What is it with all these 'Muslim Misunderstanders of Islam'?

Hey maybe this Islam thing isn't quite what it makes itself out to be after all...

Naw, Ya think?

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It is actually quite easy to understand the violent behaviour of these Muslims. One only needs to understand how the fraud of Islam works. In a nutshell, Muslims are Muslims because of the threats and promised rewards contained within Islam, and because they (wrongly) think that they have found an answer to their spiritual queries.

For the most part, Muslims simply fear the hell that Muhammad threatened them with if they did not believe that he was the messenger of god and obey him. They also desire the goodies of paradise he said awaits those who would believe him and act upon what he said. So they do his bidding...

This perverse religion is teeming with violence and injustice. It is in fact pure lies and madness in totality. It is amazing that so many people still believe Muhammads story and actually imagine that god could be so cruel. It is embarrassing to admit that i too was duped by this fraud for a spell. Though those days are long gone.

In reality, the religion of Islam is nothing more than the clever fraud of an incredibly sick, long dead con man criminal and his followers are merely acting in accordance with his legacy.

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Interesting article. It has now become clear that Islam in totality is a recipe for disaster.

Islam is now becoming steadily exposed for the fraud that it always was and always will be.

ALL non-Muslims and ALL women should be disgusted by Islam and work to expose this fraud. Muslim males need to apostasize if their integrity and self respect are important to them.

Sick little Muhammad is fast becoming known as the most deceitful, treacherous human being to have ever lived. Muslims should despise Muhammad like i as an ex-Muslim do with every fibre of their being.

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Cool. Thxs Sorrow. I didn't think you sarcastic.

Yeah i'v seen that morons prattle.

Too bad you can never have a real debate about Islam with "the Muslims" though.

Honesty and facts are not a combination they can handle.

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Yeah thxs Sorrowo1