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Jebus! Taken' a cue from the Alperta Progressive Conservative shift into the Red I guess.

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Gabby, move to Arizona, which provides most of 'fornia's power, before the next earthquake slips that entire leftist hell hole into the Pacific.

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For the full length vid, watch Kaffir Kanuck after Midnight, along with plenty of links to the many participants. Let's wait to see if the Sun TV's coverage, the only MSM to over this story other than here and the bloggers, lead to the Toronoto Red Star's Haroon Siddiqui claiming more Islamophobia.

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Preaching to the Choir Colonel. This is just one more nail in your OTP's coffin for the next election unless America wakes the F@ck up and realizes they have a Marxist in the White House. God help America.

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For an anti-woman secretive homosexual culture like Islam, Lush is the way to go.

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Posted before the 16 000 cops sent in and the 1000+ who have been sentenced by the magistrates, Pat Condell really gets worked up over this as it does, for him, hit close to home:

You've covered more of the side stories prior to the Cameron recalling Parliament than most MSMs have. More of the reality that the chickens have come home to roost:

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I think your scenario is the most plausible. But if should by some decree within Indigo/Chapters have been responsible for censoring or purposefully delaying his book release to the public...well, wouldn't that be interesting.

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You're still wrong. Being in public doesn't allow you to keep others from taking your picture or filming. Then he was assaulted, which is up to a judge to decide on, not a TO cop on whether or not to press charges. And he was mobbed and threatened by up to 20 of them where they demanded he hand over the camera. Again, does that seem right?

You're making a lot of assumptions as to David's intentions with his 9 year old son in tow, not of which you can prove above the facts I've just stated.

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The only person who broke the law was the hajib'd woman who struck David Menzies. Trying to rationalize it any other way is a feeble attempt to produce an ad-hominem attack on conservatives and blatantly professes you belief of an "law" above the law which includes entitlement. Would you be an anarchist by any chance?

And besides, the area they were in is under constant video surveillance, so why not attack the CCTV's as an assault to their cultural sensitivity? This is an episode of pure cultural entitlement bullshit enabled by Toronto PD whose response to the violence was to do nothing. I guess the paperwork just got in the way.

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Not Kosher dude. Violence is their way. Friendly intimidation through, if necessary, using civil disobedience is the Canadian way. Take your violent reaction back to the alleys.