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Manbearpig weakened the ice...down with CO2!...Up with taxes! Kill the planet!
Sorry. I was channeling the Goracle there for a moment.

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Facts are facts. You may deny them all you want to...they will still exist despite your propaganda.

islam is a lie and
Truth is killing it.

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Have you read his book? That's where the quote comes from.
I don't rely on mass emails for my sources...nor should you..

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I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.
Barack Hussein Obama

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I never saw him as anything but bad for America...I was right.

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History, like so many things, are as Obama says they are. Fact doan enter in to it. They haven't and they never will for him...'til election day.
the Imperial President has bypassed the Senate once again... How long 'til he commits an impeachable offense? His ego grows exponentially with each victory. I think his hubris will be his downfall. if not the voter will surely be.

islam is a lie and
Truth is killing it.

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An otherwise reasonable acquaintance of mine put forth the idea that Israel may have sunk the South Korean warship that was sunk ;by the Nokos in an attempt to take attention away from Gaza and the mess there.
Whoa...but then again, he will not dismiss the possibility that we attacked ourselves on 9/11 either.
Regardless, the hatred for Jews is back on the ascension. Hard to believe that it could happen again so soon. The tattoos that some Jews have have not faded, nor have they and yet this obscenity is rising again with little Hitlers all over the world. Ahmadinejad for one and scores of others.
Will good men stand up and be heard? I think so. I for one will be heard, no matter who I anger or insult. I can do nothing less.

islam is a lie and
Truth is killing it.

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Guaranteed votes. No thought or concern for those they exploit. They serve their purpose and that is enough.

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Liar in Chief...ObaWonochio.
The Doctor has it right...the 4th Estate has truly become the 5th column.

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It's the Chicago way... They're prolly wondering why anyone's upset. The White House under King ObaWonochio has been doing this kinda thing since they moved in.
Thing is...we're gettin' sore. You can only hose a people for so long before they notice and get pissed.
Even the most devoted sports fans and gamers are beginning to notice the pain in their collective ass. Beer can only do so much.

Obama shall forever be known as "The Great Divider".