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I was going to remark upon what you just wrote there, but considering you just compared Scotland and Ireland to a pair of bollocks I think I'll just leave you to it until the drugs kick in.

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Can't help myself....... British by birth; English by Grace of God; Scouser 'cos I've the luck of the seven snotty sisters ;)

Seriously, though...... I'll be the first to criticise when it's due, but I do like things in their proper perspective. If we wander off into the realms of drama and fantasy, while trying to paint a realistic picture of the situation as it stands on any given issue within our respective nations, then we are in serious danger of losing the clarity of vision required to find a reliable remedy when it goes off, as it were.

Cool heads will prevail. The not so cool heads won't be trusted to so much as put the kettle on.

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Ok.... Fair enough.

Look.... We have a Labour government which is, right now, enjoying the lowest popularity rating since recording of such began. The bunch of hardcore lefties and PC/multiculture-mongers that were left once Blair had cleared off have made a right mess of the nation and that fact isn't lost on the electorate. The Labour Party as a ruling government is finished, just as soon as we get the chance to vote.

If I recall correctly, i think it was Melanie Phillips who made the point that Obama was taking office in a left swinging US just as his European counterparts were undergoing a shift to the right; the question raised being one of who his politically ideological allies would be given that fact.

The only problem is that politics has been shifted into a place where the battleground is no longer a clear cut left/right divide: It's now just degrees of left; exacerbated in no small way by the interfering buggers at the European Union. Again, I think it was Phillips that made that point.

The problem that the Tories are going to have now is that they can't completely cater for the political tastes of conservatives. Real conservatives, that is......... Which is to say: most of the working/ affluent population of Britain who are sick to the back teeth of being shafted to pay for someone elses meal ticket.

Trust me when I say that we are, generally speaking, quite a socially conservative people. We just have that infuriating British habit of offering tea and biscuits to the bastard pissing on our doorstep which, to anyone on the outside looking in, must seem tolerant to the point of insanity. We can do this for a long, long time. It's our way.

Yet what is also our way, once we've had enough, is to head for the fireplace, pick up the poker and head back to the doorstep, a jolly swing to our step, with an eye toward giving someone a hard lesson in how we feel when someone pushes their luck and tries to take the piss. Depending on which region of Britain you're from, the time from biscuits to poker can vary greatly.

Don't overestimate the prevalence of anti Semitism in this nation. It exists and it's a nasty thing, to be sure, but it's far from being what people would have you believe. Put things in their proper perspective.

Also remember that those guys with the clipped British accents weren't the only ones who stood up to the nazis. My accent marks me as 'common as muck'. The same accent my Grandfathers and Great Uncles spoke with. They stood. I have their medals still.

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I stand in awe at the very originality of your presumption.

My point still stands, should you wish to address that rather than indulge yourself in pithy games of historical oneupmanship.

That being: It will only be a matter of time before the same question of trust is applied to Obama's US, so let's see how that works out in the future eh?

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Because, of course, we know nothing of weaponry or weapons systems. So little, in fact, that a nation like Israel whose military 'does' know one end of a missile from the other, still buys from us?

Strange, that...............

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It would also make a very good fortress for those same reasons.

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How clever of you. Now go back to your corner with the satisfactory glow of having been 'noticed'.

And Doughnuts...... Let's sit around a little while longer and see how long it takes your new Pres to bend your nation (and a few others') over the negotiating table and shaft the electorate. Then we'll see who we can trust.

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Screw 'em.

Just like a huge lump of the known blogosphere, if they're so intellectually lazy as to be happy to tar every Brit with the same brush as our barmy political classes, then they don't warrant so much as a passing nod toward their grievance.

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Did you have to have special training to be such a complete berk?

First off, go and learn a little about the British political process, paying particular attention to the steady decentralisation of authority over the last ten or fifteen years or so, before you start spouting off about voter motivation.

Secondly, you can take your spiel about how you view the apparent apathy and ungodliness of our people and stick it where the sun doesn't shine mate. Who the hell do you think you are to stand in judgement, pontificating upon the morals of a nation you obviously know so little about?

You sound like one of that idiot Fred Phelps' crowd.....

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I do hope you'll forgive the expression MD, but to he rest of we base, common and popular Britons.... People living in those 'privileged' sections of London (and other cities) are colloquially and collectively known as : "A bunch of ponces"

.........or some regional variation thereof.