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That was a very well written and well-researched article, Joe Blough!
Thank you; I hope you don't mind my forwarding this letter to all of those left-wing Christian and Jewish morons who still believe there is a way we can understand and accept Islam "as a normal religion" in America.
BTW. When I say stands for "Western democratic and Judeo-Christian based, secular society".

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In my opinion, Beck was merely trying to equate the Palestinians with the Philistines...It is just a thought.
Like today's Palestinians, the Philistines were always a thorn in Israel's buttock.
Islamism is much worse, as Israel is now dealing with enemies on all sides rather than just a coastal region, and today's Philistine is much better armed than say, a goliath of old. It takes more than a slingshot just to get the attention of this Middle East concern.

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Perhaps if we ignore them they'll all just go away...kind of like a swarm of Yellow Jackets around your beer in September.
...If they know they aren't getting under our skin maybe they'll give up on the terror business.

Ah, I doubt it! They'll just go to bigger and more effective means of terror.
Hamas is not a swarm of Yellow Jackets looking for a sweet drink...they're much, much worse than anything found in the natural scheme of things!

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It will be interesting to hear McCrystals viewpoints after his resignation.__Was McCrystal the guy responsible for the ridiculous standards of mirandizing the enemy and being awarded medals for not firing live rounds? I always thought that idea came from top brass at the Whitehouse?

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I have been watching an interesting program called Ancient Weather on the History Channel.
In it, I discovered that the weather fluctuates every so many years. It is related to the sun the affects of the coreolis forces on the ocean currents, and the tectonic movements.
Perhaps it is due to the earth's magnetic pole shifting? Regardless, the causes are far too complex for a simple computer model, devised by a bunch of scientists from differeing parts of the globe, to predict.
We are due for another great, but short, warming period followed by a cold, very cold ice period.

These alarmists are so full of crap.
But climate is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a hidden agenda to control the world.

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CAIR officials deny the organization is a front for Hamas, or that it was organized as a result of the conversation the FBI recorded in Philadelphia.
Taqqiya will get you no where with the FBI.
I think they are learning rather quickly.

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Maybe Barry will assign the "Black Panthers".

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Anyone wish to play Fun With Quotes?

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Grover Norquist must have converted to Islam.

Hugh, isn't it acceptable, under taqqiyah, that a muslim woman can marry a non-muslim if there is a political power-play possibility?

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I totally agree with that statement!