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Very good post, exposing the total hypocrisy of these commie b*st*rds.

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Could you explain the connection between these events? I'm not seeing it.

If you wish to claim, with no evidence, that Jesus is sending the debris field toward the wayward states, I would like to state, categorically, also with no evidence, that your theory is completely wrong.

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Thomas Sowell is, and has been for a long time, a personal hero of mine.

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This hurts, just to watch, just to think of it all.

This band are all heroes, because of the authentic due and support they give the most heroic of all...

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Yea, verbally, I say unto ye, the HOLY BIBLE is the law of this land, and the Constitution be DAMNED, should its principles impinge upon BIBLICAL LAW!!

Now, before we write another law, let us have a little talk with JESUS, let us tell him all about our troubles...

If God doesn't want a thing, our government must forbid it. Taliban L4S has SPOKEN, thank you Jesus. Are we not a constitutional theocracy?

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I'm with you, CL. This is an arrogant, condescending judge, administering his opinions, rather than the law.

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JUDGES GONE WILD! And that is an actual, factual reading of this miscarriage of justice.

I'm a non-spanker, which matters not one whit. I hope other non-spankers will realize this article isn't about the merits of spanking. It's about a judge gone wild over a (relatively) harmless form of discipline that he PERSONALLY doesn't endorse. Guess what, judge? It's not about your personal opinions!

Even if you don't believe spanking is a great thing, take the core of the article for what it is. No legislature has a moral right to pass no-spanking laws (and I understand that they, in this case, did not), and judges sure as HELL don't have a right to try to legislate any such law from the bench.

Very good article and well-written, to boot. lokobos's comment about appealing this dastardly ruling is right on target. If I had big money, I would be all over the place, supporting victims of these judges gone wild.

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You don't need to be a Bible-believing Christian to protect the rights of the unborn. Abortion is not a sin. It's an unrecognized crime that needs the recognition it once had.

As for the "ACT of homosexuality," that is none of your or Preacher Jones's business, as long as both individuals have reached their majority. By equating homosexuality and abortion, you show that you DON'T understand the Constitution, which is all about protecting rights, not depriving people of the right to freely associate.

It doesn't matter what your allegedly-divinely-inspired Bible says about homosexuals. We are not a theocracy. You'd make an excellent elder (or whatever an Islamic poobah is called) in the Taliban.

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Thanks a heap for posting that link. The pictures are most instructive.

And when any one of us says Obama is a Socialist or a Communist, our own people call us down, saying that the rhetoric is incendiary. Not incendiary enough, in my book. These folks are truly disgusting. I really liked the picture of the "healthy" woman with a 16-ounce soft drink wedged in her hip pocket.

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Yeah? Well, I've discovered some irregularities of my own. You've heard of the canned product called Chicken of the Sea?

I don't think it's chicken. They've sold millions of units of the stuff, and, apparently, they have accomplices in the government. Investigation proceeding forthwith. Excuse me while I adjust my hat, you know which one...

There's something damned fishy about this so-called chicken.