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Typical liberal: eloquent and substantive.

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I'm glad the sites will continue. Andrew might be gone but the movement he started is still here.

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Well goodbye to one of my heroes. This news still hasn't sunk in yet, I really can't believe it. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us Andrew.

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Well it sure has been "distorted" by the media, if "distortion" means it's peaceful and not controlled by Obama.

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I don't think that's in the MSNBC job description. The Obama administration probably has to approve every new hire.

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Not everyone who lives in a district votes for the candidate that wins. And not everyone in Tucson is a liberal.

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When I was much younger, and just becoming politically aware, Bill Maher was one of my heroes. I watched his PI show on Comedy Central and ABC when my buddies wanted to watch Leno instead. What I admired so much about him was his fierce claim that he was a libertarian. When I learned more about that, and discovered I was much more libertarian myself, I always associated him with being a libertarian.

So many years later, I have only one positive thing to say about him: he has no fear going against radical Islam. In Hollywood circles, he is an anomaly on that one point.

Unfortunately, he is a typical Hollywood liberal on every other point, and this donation is a testament to that. It's hard to really dislike someone you grew up admiring, but every time I hear Bill Maher's name, unless it's him going after radical Islam, I know my stomach is going to turn.

I'm not sure if he was always a fake or if he just got brainwashed by Hollywood. Either way, it's a shame.

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I love how liberals use the term "reform" when they are talking about more big government and more spending. Health Care reform, Immigration Reform, all terms that make it sound like it's going to get cleaned up and fixed. Sounds so responsible.

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Right. And it's your fault Mr. President.

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These people are a shining example of the success of public education?