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The minute I saw this on my RSS feed, I did not want to believe that such a great patriot and fighter for Conservatism had been taken from us. I never met Andrew personally, but after seeing virtually all his videos, I wished I had. He was a true American original and there was no one else like him. May we all find it within ourselves to pick up where he left off and continue the fight each in our own way, with him as our outstanding example of what a patriot should be.

Andrew, you fought the good fight and we all are forever in your debt. Well done, good and faithful servant.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

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Thank you for saving this and posting it here. It is another object lesson in exactly what we need to do in addition to the items in Mr. Schlichter's excellent article. I am going to copy and back it up for my own use and to post where needed.

When you think about it, this exact process is being used as we speak by the Romney campaign, possibly in concert with Obama. Haven't we all been hearing that Romney is "inevitable" as the GOP nominee ad nauseam in online news outlets and blogs? It dovetails very well with the hints and suggestions from the Obama campaign that Mitt is who they want. Well, now that we know how it works, we can also design an offensive rather than defensive strategy to fight it. Why not? That is how one wins the long game.

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Very, very eerie. If it were anywhere else in the world, I'd say it was laughably bad acting. But being that it's North Korea, it's pretty clear that these people are too brainwashed to know any better, or if they do, they'd keep that secret buried within themselves for all time. Imagine having to live knowing that your day-to-day life truly is hopeless; it would take tremendous faith to hold on to that small kernel of hope that you might someday be able to leave it *without* dying of starvation first. Those poor people.

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Romney likely doesn't really know what he thinks about Islam now because he forgot what his view of it was five years ago. Hard to keep those ever-shifting views straight, you know.

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Oh, yeah, and then there's the icon on the right that says "Healthcare is a Human Right!" Right. Just like education. /sarc

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Ha! Lennard's big mistake was her assumption that just because the Times might be philosophically in the tank with the OWSers, giving public voice to it was a major faux pas. She'd get the same reaction if she thought it would be OK to show up at a tony Upper West Side cocktail party in sneakers.

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It would be doubly great to see the MSM's heads *really* spin with not only Solyndra but also the Operation Fast and Furious scandal. One way or another, Obama and Holder are going down and will likely take the MSM with them.

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*Gives Kurt Schlichter another standing ovation for a brilliant article*

This article needs to be emailed over and over again to every Republican's in-box, or enlarged poster-size and posted on their bulletin boards in their offices, because once is definitely not enough. The ones who are in the public eye especially need to be reminded of this every day, and they need to know that there are thousands of us behind them, supporting them and encouraging them to go on the offensive.

I am continually frustrated with not only the presidential candidates, but with the rest of the GOP as well for their "let's not make waves" policies. Where are their staff members? If I were one, I'd be actively researching, plotting counterattacks they could use every day, and coaching them when and how to use them (a la "The King's Speech," if necessary).

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Every time I think the Left can't get any more idiotic, along comes a story like this one. Seriously, how can these people go through life hating everything about capitalism and America, day after day after day? I find it hard to imagine how much deep-seated hatred they must have for themselves that they turn outward to ruin and make miserable life for everyone else. The only result is that they will all be consumed by it. What a sad, pathetic waste of *human* capital it is.