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And people were disgusted with that. Main reason I won't vote for him and many won't. Deviant behavior is deviant behavior no matter who does it.

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The reason socialist type people get passes for their behavior is because that's what is expected of them. Bill Clinton boinking fat chicks in the oval office? So what, that's Bill - no surprise. If a repub would have done that, all he11 would break loose and everyone would be shocked and disappointed for good reason. This is the main crux of media and social bias between socialists and repubs.

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My family and I use to go to the movies most Sundays to escape the crowds. No more. Not many movies have come out in a while that are worth the $40 + to attend. A lot of the movies include actors I choose not to financially support - screw-em. The only problem is that the good folks that work in the motion picture industry may be suffering due to the a-hole stars.

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HWood stars make lots of cash with virtually no overhead. Work 3 months on a movie shoot and pull down $1 mil plus. We need the WindBag profit tax enacted to enable social equity.

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Kellen Moore - Best college QB ever!! Can't wait for his NFL debut. As for Colbert - another unfunny commedian HWood pukes out on a regular basis.

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What? A communist sympathizer promoting Obama, how can that be?

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We love going to the movies but honestly, there hasn't been anything worth paying ~$10 each for a movie. Netflix all the way

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The first time I heard him speak was 1979. It blew me away - someone thought like I did! Before that there were no political leaders I really paid attention to.

When O-Blame-a mentioned he has spent much of his life's work reversing what Reagan had done - I wanted to hurl.

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That dude Pelosi needs a better plastic surgeon, he's starting to look like a women.

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Tax Hollywood to death. Support the Windbag profit tax.