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Help me move Theodore Parker to his rightful place....damn you quotes.com.

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lol no doubt those dangerous stoned drivers driving under the speed limit.

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"If it really helps the sick, then they can get a prescription.."

LOL IF you're not convinced it helps the sick and yet you've got scrips for everyone in the family. I've gotten the pic all along you're not being consistent. lol I know how it works.... You don't want it legalized for monetary reasons and monetary reasons alone.

Best of luck man.

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For someone who gets angry about people assuming things, even after asking people to do so, you sure do a lot of assuming, there's a word for that.

"No reason to respond" and yet you do, I think there's a word for that too.

You clearly have short term memory problems:

"Yee Hawww...........I been wonderin when we were gunna do hand to hand with the POT HEADS


And a rollickin GOOD TIME will be had by ALL.... 'cause they are sooooo easy to whup up on.

Let the games begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Do you not read or remember anything that you write? You started this entire thread with whupn on some people, sorry I said stompn instead of whupn you seemed intelligent enough to get what I was talking about, well then again you don't remember writing that sentiment so never mind that was my mistake.

You've yet to whup on anyone. You were the one that was out of the gate full speed ahead I'm going to tell all these people how the world has to be according to me and my situation. Even though the "safe guards" of illegality were already in place. Do you get that part because that is the important part you seem to be forgetting. So at the end of the day your brother made a decision that cost your family a lot of money. Why didn't your father call the police when your brother was threatening him for money? I'd hate to ASSUME OR "READ BETWEEN THE LINES" why that was....

No my friends parents weren't charged with anything because they told him NOT to mow the lawn because they were RESPONSIBLE and they knew it was DANGEROUS just as HE did. HE made the DECISION to mow the lawn. It was HIS CHOICE that killed him. Why would I blame the parents or ask that laws be instituted to make sure this never happened again. All the information was on the table to begin with just like with marijuana.


Do you drink? Nobody likes to answer that question......because you would be a hypocrite and you know it. That poison is acceptable....right. It hasn't caused any harm in anyone's life....do you advocate we go back to the days of prohibition? That didn't work out so well then either. If you want to end the drug war make weed legal, boom end of drug war. Make them compete like civilized businesses. Did no one learn anything in American history class?

Oh and as far as driving fast goes I do believe they have these things called race tracks where you can drive your car as fast as you can and it's legal. Public roadways are not race tracks but if you should decide you want to drive fast there are legal places to do so. Get the difference at all.....still not whupn anyone....

I've stated clearly, because I remember writing it, that I'm not advocating legalization for medical reasons I'm advocating legalizing/decriminalizing it for personal liberty reasons. It's in this thread you should go back and read the whole thing....you can find out what you wrote it'll be like a little refresher course.

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LOL It's either complete BS or you're original statement that started this convo is.
What did I manage to out you as an undercover weed grower who's against medicinal marijuana?

Good luck to you if you are cause the Feds are on the loose again co-opt busting and seizing property.

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ROFL Has all that alcohol consumption lead to anarchy?

What would it take to convince you that pot smokers can be conservative?

Do you think old Ronald Reagan ever lit up? (he's the secret anarchist pot leader don't ya know)

Maybe.... it's certainly possible right, he used to be a lib and then became a conservative.....maybe it was because he got loaded.....ever think about that.....didn't think so.

Have a little faith in the stoner conservatives, we've got your back even though you hate us and think we're the boogie man.......(here comes some sarcasm so be ready for it) because we're trying to take over the world and we're going to do it with weed you see......damn I can't believe you actually figured us out so quickly.....those EOD guys you just can't get anything by them.

Best of luck to you man and thank you for your service. You do our country proud.

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No one was giving you anything. They were expressing their opinion about marijuana, you're the one that was giving all the crap. Who said anything about your service, they were all stunned that you were insulting them. Unless I just don't understand inter-service rivalry.

You never answered my question do you drink or smoke? Do you? That's the one that no one likes to answer because if you do you're being a hypocrite and you damn well know it.

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"I fully believe that Potheads such as yourself and the others on this Board would vote for a Flaming Liberal (any Flaming Liberal) if said Flaming Liberal came out in support of the total legalization of Marajuana in the United States of America."

And you would be wrong! Do you think that no one has tried that? That's the point we want a conservative in office who understands what true liberty is all about...don't you?

How do you feel about Palin supporting decriminalizing it? Would that be ok for us to support her in her efforts to let a free people be free? A little pot would do you some good relax already we're on the same team.

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Go take a hit and relax, you seem to be wound a little tight.
I'm not one for insulting service men and women because I think you guys do some incredibly brave things. That being said I also don't take well to people insulting other service members either. Which you seem to have no problems with doing. Where's the honor in that?

So tell me do you drink to relax or smoke cigarettes? If it's yes to either of those you might want to reconsider your silly 'text book' marijuana boogie man act. You sound like you're trying to fight a bunch of hippies from the 70's because they spit on you when returned......accept you're suddenly the guy doing the spitting on other military service men. Despicable.

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LOL I'd imagine that you're probably shocked by the number of thumbs up you have. That's the rub....most conservatives that I know smoke weed, some more often than others but it's not really all that uncommon.

I'm actually more blown away by the number of people who keep talking about it like it's the most dangerous drug on the market. It's less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes. That's why any conservative that does either of those two things might want to think twice about taking the governments side on this argument. Unless you're ready to buck up and ban alcohol and cigarettes you're being a hypocrite.