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The slippery slope on this is that the teachings of the Church, in and of themselves, instruct people how to vote - or at least should. Even if the websites and preachings of priests/ministers are more directly to the point, the established dogmas and doctrines are an eternal voters guide. Playing devil's advocate this is how I would direct my attack against established Christianity and specifically the Roman Catholic Church. Whether the prodigy of Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, etc recognize it or not their fruit will be ripe for the picking once the precedent has been set against vineyard keeper - acknowledged or not.

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Abortion is about population control. The atheistic progressive eugenicists have learned their lessons from the 20's and 30's and are framing the debate around choice knowing who will take the fullest advantage of free abortions. The statistics don't lie - it's racism. Jesse Jackson recognized this and was outspoken about it until his political ambitions outweighed his Christian conscience.

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I'm not so sure the founders would have cringed. They detested "Popery". The irony is that in this case it is Popery that is fighting to save the freedom for all religions in this country. If their effort fails don't think this won't be applied everywhere to all of Christianity. The extinction of this religion is the raison d'etre of the deciples of Rousseau and Voltaire.

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This culture of death, officially sanctified by the priests of the national secular temple of the supreme court; continues to breed more death. As we stray further from the Judeo-Christian roots of our political system and the living faith of our fathers become marginalized and attacked, more individual tipping points are going to occur that will bring us all to more of these moments of collective introspection. Yes it's murder but .....

Should we become "chooser of the slain"; Valkrie. Just a point for consideration. Would there have been a public outcry against Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg had he succeded in murdering a murderer. A non-party member of the general staff and a practicing Roman Catholic in a time of great religious persecution who could no longer stand by and support the maker of the laws of his country. Would the world have condemned a Christian for killing Hitler .... I think not.

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Republicans have forgotten the origins of their party and why they split ranks with the Whigs. When you stop and look at it modern Republicans are more like their Whig ancestors than Republican ones. Propaganda stunts will not rekindle interest only true leadership based on values and principles. So-shall-ist progressives only believe and stand for one thing - power; holding it and wielding it over you and I. The quest for a utopian state substitution solution for God is their ultimate aim. Read Rousseau and study the revoulutionary history of Robespierre/Blanc et al. This has all happened before - their game plan never changes.

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I've been a shop steward, secretary and president in 2 different union locals and can tell you that one of the inherent problems with the union structure is that bad employees are certainly over-represented. The problem is one of precedent. The minute you allow the employer to crack down on the bad ones they use that precedent against all so you end up having to protect the bad. Unions, like all utopian ideas, are great on paper but impossible to manage.

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If you do that 'Lady Godiva' style then you'll really get noticed.

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We have them right where we want them. They tried to ignore, then downplay, and now discredit. This movement is becoming part of the national conversation. We need to keep the momentum. If you haven't purchased a Gadsden flag do so. We need to make this the official flag/symbol of the movement. The more they see the 'Dont Tread On Me' the better. Bombard your senators and reps with correspondence. Write letters to the editors of all your local papers extolling the 9 principles and 12 values - don't just rag on Obama - stay positive.

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Wait until the carbon tax extends its tenticles to include individuals. Nothing like a nice carbon reproduction penalty for more than one child.

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The sun has its magnetic field shift every 12 years, next one is 2012. There seems to be credible evidence that these shifts have influence on the solar flare activity.

I'm so concerned about my carbon footprint I can't sleep at night which I believe is a bad thing because our CO2 output is lessened when sleeping. So completing the syllogism - Fear mongering causes higher CO2 output.