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Why didn't the United States enter World War II before The last days of 1941, when the War had already been waging for at least two years prior?

That is a question with a very simple answer - even for you - and it has double the points because it's answer is also the answer to this silly query of yours. I know, I know... I hated homework when I was a child too, but it is the only way you can become informed enough to no longer need others to answer questions for you.

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What is there to recant to?

Recant: To withdraw or repudiate formally and publicly (opinions formerly expressed); to contradict, as a former declaration; to take back openly; to retract; to recall; To revoke a declaration or proposition; to unsay what has been said; to retract; as, convince me that I am wrong, and I will recant.

It would be impossible for us to recant a stated belief that wasn't stated in the first place and prior to an event, since it's impossible for anyone to have originally said, "That Obama did nothing to those pirates," before the piracy even occurred. Any statements made after the situation was over, that didn't offer credit to Obama, would still stand, hence no presence of recantation.

Obama did nothing to earn or lose credit for. Long-standing and experienced military leaders, most likely in conjunction with a few international trade regulation company men, formulated everything involved in the planning of this operation. All the soldiers involved followed the orders of their commanding officers - not the 'commander in chief'. There is nothing resembling an active role or influence in this operation on Obama's side of things.

I do not think he made any wrong moves, but I do feel, and assume many others here agree, that his only evidence of even being in the loop at all here, is that he did the incredibly heroic and single-handed feat of saying "Ok."

By the way... saying "the NEXT non-issue," directly implies that you view the blatant acts of piracy, kidnapping, and threatening actions against a sovereign ship that were perpetrated by an outside entity upon a vessel clearly protected by the waving flag of my United States of America, as a non-issue. If I can find Captain Richard Phillips' contact information, will you call or write to reassure him that the ordeal he just endured was nothing but a non-issue?

Will you? No, you won't because that would mean coming out from behind the petty shield of anonymity which gives you the safe fluffy feeling and security that you believe entitles and empowers you to make unsubstantiated comments and possibly deliberate attempts to be foolish and antagonistic.

I don't hear that phone ringing yet, little Mr. Lexington...

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I watched your little clip in its entirety, and then I watched it again. It is smack your mama in the face obvious that Limbaugh was using sarcasm and satire to illustrate how wishy-washy the administration can be on these foreign/military/trade issues.

Now, for starters, I dislike Limbaugh and Olbermann to the same degree. They are both pathetic clowns tossed out in front of the bleary eyed crowds, but at their own behest. Neither speaks for either party, but both bellow to the rafters these caricaturistic bastardizations of their associated party's ideals. Limbaugh was taken out of context, plainly. He's a goof ball, so it doesn't rile my feathers too much.

But when Keith Olbermann pounces on a moment of computer generated Video Toaster editing carried out by his lackeys, and does this most likely to fill airtime since his own thoughts and views are so hollow, then I start to get a burr in my saddle.

They're both monkeys paid in bananas, to dance in front of half drunk audiences, so let 'em dance in that little moving picture box - we who know better can just turn off the tube and spend our energy making positive change happen.

I did not give traveller a thumb in any direction, because what he posited above his link isn't really an opinion or statement of any kind. I don't know what your motive was here, traveller, but your words were not slanted in either direction in this one instance, so go in peace.

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I am an old dog, and not only am I unable to learn any new tricks, I'm also losing some of the old ones. My eyesight comes and goes these days, and though I've tried to read many of the books recommended on here, I often end up never finishing because my eyes will weaken for a few days, now and then.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of any sites that provide these books as free audio book files, or anyone who has any of these books as audio, on their computers. I have a long list of books I'd really like to 'read' but it is safe to say that many of the books on Glenn's list are on mine, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If I may, I would also share the "Hero" label with the man who put himself between gun toting evil thugs and his crew. He saved more lives than any military presence in the situation.

Don't get me wrong at all, I LOVE the fact that for one brief shining instant the world was made to watch in awe, the surgically applied training and expertise of America's amphibious military glory. I only pray that this is not the end of a piranha-media feeding frenzy, but a hard about-face of an administration and its foreign policy. I know my prayer will likely return to me with an answer I don't want, but maybe instead of a flat our "NO," but just maybe an answer of, "IN TIME...BE PATIENT AND VIGILANT FOR THAT DAY, MY CHILD."

Regardless of the political ramifications, if any, that come from this ordeal, I hope God continues to bless Captain Richard Phillips for his decisive and courageous protection of his crew, and their many family members and communities that are welcoming them home now.

May God further bless the lives and hearts of our SEALs, who shined brilliantly the light of justice upon those captors. Whoever actually gave the "OK," they can rest assured that that single action is worthy of its own praise, for it allowed the hand of God to work through all the heroes actually in the standoff.

I told my wife, over Easter breakfast, that I feared Captain Phillips might become an unwitting martyr when the smoke would clear after everything. I thanked God when he proved me wrong.

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Finally, someone mentioned it.

That little gaffe is, in my eyes, the newest in a long line of signs that this member (Chuck?) doesn't really come to the big game (912 Project) with his thinking helmet on. I don't care what side of the field a man stands on, but if he wants to be the captain of that side, he should at least have a firm grasp of the minutiae of the rules(spelling and grammatical fundamentals), let alone talent (the right perspective and informed understanding).

I guess, though, that the lack of talent is why he is on the opposite team as the majority here.

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I believe Tuna was being sarcastic, but I could be wrong.

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Not only can they not count accurately, but the very concept of honesty as it applies to counting, speaking, and constitutional law, is no more than an empty room.

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I see this as a very black and white issue, that somehow finds a way to become far more complex in its words than in the actual facts of the topic.

If a man crosses an internationally recognized border without going through ALL the legal processes involved, then he is breaking the law. He is a criminal. There is no other distinction necessary or appropriate. American criminals cannot vote, cannot serve on a jury, and cannot participate in MANY of the standard practices afforded to those who don't commit crimes. I find that fair.

What is sickeningly unfair is how the leftist mentality believes that a man who breaks border crossing laws, is somehow not a criminal. Furthermore, unfairness spills all over the homes and pocket books of real and legal American citizens like buckets of blood. This bloodletting onto America is perpetrated by the very criminals who enter this country, and the protection as well as active support - or more correctly aiding and abetting - of the very leftist regime mentioned above.

If we are going to acknowledge aliens entering into this country without following all mandated procedures as breaking any law, then with that established, and everyone agreeing that the act of crossing a national border without official and documented approval is a crime, then we must extend such an accepted agreement to the full extent of the illegal act's consequences.

When following the consequence line of such a crime to its logical end, we all MUST declare and charge any person, agency, legislative body, and/or any other entity that in any way whatsoever provides asylum, monetary aid, employment, acknowledgment through the issuing of drivers' licenses and all other documents specifically for legal citizens alone, with the commission of all crimes relating to any act that supports or encourages continued illegal actions. Any program or person who helps illegal immigration take place or continue, is by definition a criminal program or person.

When people in my little town break a law, or help someone else break a law, they are arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced for THAT crime.

If we are to be a nation of laws, and not of men, then I think it is high time we sincerely assist and direct Homeland Security in the complete closing and lock down of our borders - and immediately initiate arrests of EVERY LAST PERSON who is in this country illegally AND EVERY LAST PERSON who allowed or assisted in the commission of said crimes.

Personally, I think that if this was done, then we should command their home country to take them back and jail them for life on the charge of illegal emigration and criminal acts against the United States. Those other criminals to their country should be treated in the same way America has always treated those who committed acts of treason.

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You must have been gathering intel on me for years, because you found each and every button, and you pushed them all successfully. I somehow doubt that there is as big a difference between our levels of wisdom, as you think. I know that having been once a Marine, mandates that I am forever a Marine. I guess sometimes I lose sight of why I enlisted in the first place, because it is very difficult to see reminders out in this country anymore. You just showed me one, and it jogged my memory.

There are two tattoos that are still clear as the day I had them done when I came home from the Pacific. One is on my left bicep, and the other on the right. One is "Strength," the other is "Honor," and they are both written in the Armenian alphabet. The first one was my way of keeping my mind on the strength I possessed only because of my father's strength. The other was also a memorial to my brothers in the Corps. I relied on those reminders for decades, but as many things do, they eventually faded away from my mind, though still sharp as hell on my skin.

I read your comment here, thought for awhile, and for some reason jumped up and ran to the bathroom mirror. (running for me is like running for a turtle)

I took a good long look at them for the first time in so long - not just noticed them as I shaved, but REALLY looked at them. I came back and reread your words. With your message, and my renewed focus on the messages in my ink, I nodded and chose to keep breathing in the vital air of this movement until I could no more. Thank you, son, brother, Marine.

Oh, by the way, you also helped me choose to keep our battlecry "Semper Findelis" in my heart again... and keep it on the skin in front of that heart. My wife will be in for a shock tonight, when I start getting ready for bed. :)