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Before you know it.....this country will be going backwards.....instead of forward. Can you imagine having to stop every 100 miles to charge your vehicle.......and I can imagine the cost, plus I am sure the cost would continue to rise each year, as everything else does............he may reduce some people to bicycles.......we will begin to look like some europeans....

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thanks......I had missed Gibbs remarks, as I had followed the protests and beatings and Murder of a girl named Neda. As far as I can see.........Mr. Ahmadinejad, is not the peoples president.......but that is just my observation. But what do you expect of a government that rules with tyranny and oppression, uses thugs, to kill and torture its own people because they dare voice their opinion, or disagree.......and this is a government with tight media control.....WE MUST NEVER LET THE GOVERNMENT INFRINGE ON OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

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I was ready to throw my shoe at the t.v., his lips are moving, reminds me of salesman, trying to sell me a bill of goods, and I am not buying........I can picture the lips getting up everymorning adoring the mirror.....does he grand delusions of himself?

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Well it is time to be heard.......OBAMA HAS HIT THE TRAIL AND JUST HELD A TOWN HALL MEETING WITH HIS PRE-SCREENED AUDIENCE.......turned on the t.v, and there he was again in our face! The networks should be tired of giving up airtime to him........everytime he appears, it causes the network to lose millions in revenue. Mabye he will bankrupt some of these corrupt media outlets.......who swone over him. Only thing is, they will ask and receive a bailout, at our expense. Americans, and 912ers, get your neighbors, your friends, thneir friends......and go to the town halls and SPEAK UP, BE HEARD. Your town hall will not have a pre-screened there will be plants positioned in the audience to heckle you, or shout you down.......don't let them.......Keep to the subject and talk louder than the disruppters. Good luck.....August is a very important month, and Obama knows it.....that is why he is in campaign mode.

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Obama is on my t.v. again....I am ready to throw my shoe at it........I turned on my t.v......there he was, , talking at another one of his townhall meetings, taking up air time......with his carefully screened audience. I noticed everyone there.........applauded EVERYTHING he said, which tells me.....this is a screened audience, that does not represent America, an Obama picked and approved audience........for the media coverage. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF SEENING HIM ON TELEVISION, I BET THE NETWORKS ARE TIRED OF PRE-EMPTING THEIR SHOWS, THEY HAVE TO BE LOSING MILLIONS IN ADVERTISING......TO GIVE AIR TIME TO THIS MAN.! Doesn't this President have enough to do in Washington, as President of the USA,.....instead of struting his stuff on t.v. nearly everyday. I wish he would concentrate a little bit on foreign affairs, and some of the Countries and terrorists that seek to destroy America. In my lifetime, I have NEVER seen someone so preoccupied with adoring himself......he actually thinks we want to see him everyday in person, what is wrong with him.? What is his problem?

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American Indians that live in Oklahoma, they are very well off, better than many, many actually drive very nice cars, and the car of choice seems to be Cadillacs....some reason, many seem to have Cadillacs here.I don't believe they also pay for their car tags.....but I know, they definitely have it better than the average guy. Oh they also own cigarettes shops, I can't own one.....also they have all the Casinos here..........and have health care. They do really good!!!!

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Has our Government been hijacked by the mob, well it feels like it......................................Today, there is at this very moment,.ANOTHER closed door meeting in Washington! Talk about an an Administration cloaked in secrecy and deal making, arm feels like many Americans, that the White House, and our Government has been hijacked by the Mob. If I were writting a book.....with intrigue and suspense, all I would have to do is just pay attention to what is going on in America......A Country being highjacked, right under its own peoples noses!

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UPDATE: HEALTH CARE........many reports are coming in that in some of the town one in Wi.........they are not listening to the not let them get away with this........turn out and be heard, if they try to put you down.....tell them in front of everyone, cameras and will not be voting for someone that refuses to listen to you, and you are tired of these closed door meetings in Washington, and bills rushed thru, without ever being read.......THEY REFER TO US AS MOBS, WHEN WE ASK QUESTIONS OF THESE POLITICIANS......BUT IF ANYONE SHOULD TALK ABOUT MOB.......IT SEEMS LIKE THE MOB HAS TAKEN OVER OUR GOVERNMENT.

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You should calmly speak to Americans.....but when there is a town hall meeting, and planted people from acorn or other groups are shout you down......then I believe you can and should talk as loud as you have order to be heard. We will not be drowned out by a few! The mainstream media will distort everything anyway.......but if we have to shout to be heard....fine, no cursing, or fighting.......but yes, talk calmly if possible, but don't let others drown you out. STAND UP AND BE HEARD IN THE TOWN HALLS OR OTHER FORUMS, they have plans after Arlen Specter's feet were held to the be ready to see a lot of bussed in activists in the townhall meetings when these representatives are home in August. They will try to shut you up, and the media will distort everything, even the number present at your not let this keep you from STANDING UP AND ASKING QUESTIONS AND DEMAND SOME YES AND NO ANSWERS......don't let them dance around the issue, which they are sooooo good at.