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They are behaving like children. (No disrespect to children by this comparison) They placed their hands over their eyes and are screaming, "You can't see me!". We ARE surrounding them and they prefer to stay in denial over the fact that their fairy tale world will soon come falling down around their ears. Ignoring us didn't work. They are now going to try belittling our works with such phrases as "The Tea Parties Cheapened History". Pah-leeze! What's next? Are they going to hold their breath until we stop? Go ahead and turn blue for all I care. It is my favorite color after all.

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"Here in the United States, the state of North Dakota has a wholly
state-owned bank that creates credit on its books just as private
banks do. This credit is used to serve the needs of the community, and
the interest on loans is returned to the government. Not
coincidentally, North Dakota has a $1.2 billion budget surplus at a
time when 46 of 50 states are insolvent, an impressive achievement for
a state of isolated farmers battling challenging weather. The North
Dakota prototype could be copied not only in every U.S. state but at
the federal level."
Ellen Brown
April 10, 2009