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I have an old college friend who posts hundreds of photos organized by month of her children. She has a 2 year old and 6 month old, who, according to FB, are adorable and perfectly dressed and coiffed at all hours of the day and night. She also likes to post when the toddler does something amazing like put herself down for a nap or ask to say her prayers. Lil'Precious' Facebook rep is golden.

After spending a weekend with them, I was pleased to find out that the FB postings are all for show. The toddler is actually a tiny hell-beast sent to pee anywhere but in a toilet or diaper. She is a typical, dreadful toddler in every way, and I was happy to see it. Perfect children are creepy. You know - still waters run deep and all that.

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I have posted this video to every pregnant friend's FB wall since I first found out about it. I can't help myself.

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[youtube t2akK4tYSwY youtube]

Not even playing Barbara, Bette, or Barry at top volume in the living room could out rock the mini music fest I had in my room every night with this, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, L7, Juliana Hatfield, etc.. Sorry, Mom.

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Gah, this made me miss my Bebe who passed away two summers ago. I never understood what was so great about "sweet" old ladies. Fiesty grandmas ftw.

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Honestly, I'm gonna do my taxes while watching the Wire and drinking beer.

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You gotta warn a girl first. I was scrolling fast and almost choked when this image appeared! hubba, hubba.

Who is it?

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I was suppose to run in this half marathon, but I'm home in BR with a nasty head cold. I was considering going to NOLA for the swag, but decided to stay home and be pitiful. Sucks about the swag. Good luck tomorrow!

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I really liked Durer's Rhino's art post, and I'd love to see a regular art feature.

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Um, no. I was expecting a cheese flavored cracker to be savory not sweet. If I wanted a sweet cracker, I'd buy a cookie.

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And it's not just HFCS in bread products, sugar is in every damn thing. I bought some weird cheddar pretzel-cracker hybrid thing at Target. For some reason, they were sweet tasting and after about 5 pretzel-crackers, I just threw the whole box out. My mouth had that sugar saturated feel you get after drinking a coke. It was disgusting.