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I can understand why you'd think there's an inconsistency. But Real Time is a player. It is an existing show that is going to happen week-in and week-out with or without able conservative voices. This debate would not and could not have happened had not the candidates agreed to it. Otherwise other venues would fill in the void. I think candidates making individual sorties into MSNBC and aggressively challenging the hosts and reporters is still a good strategy. Granting MSNBC the false premise of it being a fair arbiter of national politics and the Reagan Library hosting MSNBC is an act of utter blasphemy and stupidity.

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I don't have a problem with Herman Cain going on MSNBC to face the bad guys. I have done it and am glad to have done so. Remember my appearance opposite the absurd Martin Bashir who blamed me for the racist acts of people completely unrelated to me. And when I even condemned these perfect strangers' racist behavior he switched over to the next bizarro unrelated guilt-by-non-association. This is about working together with MSNBC to create a collaborative event that grants MSNBC complete control to stampede and twist the GOP in many predictable ways.

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That would be 'disastrous' -- not 'disasterous '. And Intense Debate even tells you if you have misspelled something! Get your anonymous trolling methodology down before you cast the first stone, my man.

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If the mainstream media were to grant the right the same kind of backrubs and free million dollar promotion -- like those awesome 60 Minutes pieces and Vanity Fair spreads -- I wouldn't have to be 2 parts PT Barnum. Alas, welcome to the circus.

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It's been gone for months.

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I don't hate the term 'Neo-con.' Whenever the left comes up with an all-purpose slur based on an incomprehensibly wrong-headed interpretation of the origins of the word I like to embrace it. Yes, Mr. Hhasselhoff, Neo-con, I am!

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please reach out, chuck. it's breitbart.

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Good point, Lady in Blue! Dissent has me shivering. That's why I created the Huffington Post, too!

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Anyone want to bet me that is wasn't ACORN's Bertha Lewis? All you anonymous bloggers attacking me: Put up or shut up. Put your bet down, your email. This is going to get interesting.

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Oh for crying out loud. This group of people at this site, at Tea Parties have zero love for Goldman Sachs, or its affiliate Wall Street scammers. Indeed, they are a part and parcel of the modern Democratic Party, a necessary money generating political engine to fuel elite liberal candidates who sign on to any and all redistributive program the progressives craft. The Wall Street left and the Bertha Lewis/ACORN/FANNIE/FREDDIE/HUD crowd make for one nasty cabal of evil. And the middle class of this country suffer for their loose knit informal Democrat majority-driven reparations-by-another name redistribution mafia. Hell yes, Goldman Sachs is guilty. Let them all hang!