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I'm pretty sure it's a middle school, if not a high school, so, in the scheme of things, they aren't young children. It looks like they're regular children... or even old children. lol. I'm going to stick with my original analysis that the writers should have dropped the "young." Either that or they could have swapped out "children" for "people."

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I knew that there was a comedy coming out that was based on the pizza man murder months ago. I wasn't moved to write on it until it looked like Sony and the stars were lying about it in what looks like an effort to do damage control. Yes, I think that this movie was made in poor taste, but lots of movies are made in poor taste, and if Sony is going to make one, they should OWN it. If they have regrets, they should say so. If they don't have regrets, they should tell people who are asking about it to get bent.

Just don't lie about it. And couple that with this bin Laden thing? C'mon!

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Anyone would do their own show for the right price. For $100M per episode, I'd do a show giving massages to Media Matters Senior Fellows.

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Joe, please stop re-posting this letter or you won't be able to comment on the Breitbart sites anymore. Thank you.

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Compared to a) saying you would stab your son if he did a gay voice, b) screaming "He's a n**ger! A n**ger, look, there's a n**ger!" at the top of your lungs, and c) saying you will assassinate someone if they become President, I'd say calling women basketball players "nappy headed hos" is pretty mild. Don't you?

Also, regarding "wat": We're having some fun here, Broski. Feel free to use google next time.

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Team Big Hollywood respectfully disagrees. The MSM has already made her the go-to Hollywoodist for Palin hatred. We have to respond to these people or it looks like we can't. We choose not to underestimate their influence on public opinion, which we believe is incalculably huge. Conservatives have ignored Hollywood for far too long and it reached the point where they felt like they could say anything without any repercussions. No longer!

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Did you read the post where I pointed out it was largely "apolitical," or at the end where I THANK the guy for actually giving us something to write about? And did you notice the ABC headline: "Politics at the Oscars -- Union Support"? Are you making this comment over there? We cover the cross section of pop culture and politics - do you expect us to ignore one of the few political moments of "Hollywood's biggest night"?

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How is Diane Keaton not on this list?

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BG, Please email me at Make subject and first sentence: ATTENTION ALEX MARLOW

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From the things I wish I wrote department: "Columbia University is the place where leftists give leftist journalists Pulitzer Prizes and then tell each other how prestigious leftist journalism is because—wow!—look at all the Pulitzers they’ve won."