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Thank you, thank you, thank you. We have been railing against the sexual predators running rampant in the education industry for years (yes, it happens in Australia too). At last these studies give us the ammunition we need to stay on the attack.

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"How can something so simple be so charmingly wonderful?" asks GJP.

I've been watching a lot of old films lately, most recently 1936's My Man Godfrey and the conclusion I've come to is these old films had *charm* - something which has been lacking in many films since, perhaps the 1960s.

It makes contemporary films which do have charm - the Australian films The Castle and The Dish are two that spring to mind - much more memorable when one does encounter them.

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Ah it's the Gold Coast and it's some kind of law that the citizenry have to open their house for guests. :-P

Everyone who moves here notices how they suddenly become very popular with interstate and international relatives...

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That's right. In my old newsroom, if you covered more than two stories on one particular subject you were automatically the expert (and had a by-line to that effect). This is despite the fact that no journalist had any especial background or training to cover that round.

Industry groups shudder when they're introduced to the newspaper's new "business/science/health/religion/environment/whatever reporter" because it's usually some kid with the ink still wet on their journalism degree whose only interest or credential is that the chief-of-staff/news editor has handed them a media release to follow up.

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Thanks flat taxer, my husband is also a former journalist (we met at a news room). Our two best friends are former journalists, one of whom now works in the media department of a city council. He is openly contemptuous of the industry he was once so proud to work in. although my newsroom experience is in Australia, the common culture is universal.

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We can make great films, as long as we wrest control from the unrelentingly tugid and grim leftie scriptwriter that infest our industry in plague proportions.

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Seriously cool! This film was make 5km (3 miles) from my house! We've not heard a word about it here in Australia (however promotion Baz Luhrmann's eponymous epic went on ad infinitum). From the review it looks like some of my tax dollars well spent.

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As an active print journalist for nearly 20 years, I can personally attest to the left leaning culture of all newsrooms.

This is partly because journalists live in a bubble, because of their odd working hours, they socialise mainly with other journalists.

They distrust their sources, but take as gospel the word of academics. They distrust mainstream religion, so use the guidance of academics for their moral centre. They are not introduced to new or contrary ideas.

At the heart of it, working journalists (in the main) have contempt for their readers/views as they believe that because they interact directly with 'newsmakers' they are better informed and more intelligent. The internet, of course, has since proved them wrong, which is another reason why old-media types are contemptuous of it.