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Here, here! The pendulum is swinging back, away from the monotheist, and that scares them. As well it should considering how they forced their religion on the world at the tip of the sword and the barrel of a rifle. They assume that as they lose more of the population to the old ways, or to no way at all, that the same will happen to them. This only shows their ignorance in that the older religions moved peacefully through the world. But, unfortunately, first you must upset the masses before they will settle into a peaceful place. And the monotheist will always resort to violence to get and maintain power, regardless of what they say.

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I guess you ignore the stories about male circumcision causing permanent damage to the penis or nerve damage, or hey, herpes infections. Until you've heard a child screaming during the procedure, you probably can convince yourself that it isn't mutilation. Just like you can convince yourself that a girl in a short skirt was looking to get raped, until it happens to someone you know.

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Hmmm. Like forcing Muslims to stop female circumcisions?

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You can't handle the truth, so you create your own version of reality and hope no one questions it. ROFLMAO.

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"lame quotes by unknown people"

Wow, so you don't know who Ferdinand Magellan, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, or Susan B. Anthony are? Maybe you should study a little more history before you try to debate historical facts with the adults.

As far as the prayer, they have also had Hindu prayers and Wiccan prayers and Atheist 'speeches' to open congress, does that mean that all of congress was Hindu that day or Wiccan that day or Atheist that day?

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How did we get this far off topic? Well, just look up the thread to figure that one out. WTE commented on how the republicans were looking like idiots because of the fundamentalist and I corrected him, that the fundamentalist idiots were the one that took control of the TEA party, not the entire Republican party. Which prompted Roger to claim that the founding fathers were basically all good Christians, which we know isn't the case. And it just snowballed from there as it always does when people want to believe that everyone that has ever done anything good MUST have the same beliefs as them, regardless of the facts to the contrary.

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As we all know, the Christians were regularly killing non-Christians in this country, openly and without remorse, until the justice system became well enough established to start arresting the murderers and putting them to death for their actions. It's the law, not religious beliefs, that stopped Christians from killing people of other beliefs. As proof, it's still going on in parts of the world where laws and policing are less widespread than they are in the United States. Many African nations have priest that regularly kill people "in the name of Christ", believing that your religion gives them the right to do so. Whether or not this is really what Christ intended or would have wanted isn't the debate, it is fact that followers of the faith are doing these things in his name, regardless, and have since shortly after the time when he supposedly died. ( I only say supposedly because all the date from his life are suspect, from birth till death)

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Nah, you're just butt hurt because I won't stick up for your religion after Christians spent the last 1700 years trying to kill and destroy everyone that didn't believe the way Christian authorities demanded them to. You've become overly emotional at the failure of your religion to wipe out all other religions in the world through genocide and misinformation. It seems to be bothering you that my religion has been around more than 10 thousand years before your cult even came into existence. Or is it the fact that every religious holiday that you celebrate can be traced directly back to the original holiday that my people celebrated before your religion existed? You can't even come up with your own days of worship without looking to my people for inspiration.

Nice try, but your 'logic' is as feeble as your religion, friend.

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LOL, now your just being funny. How does showing quotes from the founding fathers, showing their beliefs, make me an atheist? just because I'm willing to recognize what others believe doesn't mean that I agree with their beliefs. Or is it just because I can show that the founding fathers weren't following your beliefs that you assume that I and everyone else that doesn't agree with you must have no beliefs whatsoever.

News flash, a person can acknowledge and respect others beliefs without believing in them, themselves. Proving that Spain is on the Iberian Peninsula doesn't make me Spanish.

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And by going public with any of that information he would have been pinpointed, unless he was outside the reach or the American government, which would require going to a country without extradition agreements.