The End is Far

The End is Far


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I like the fact that Paul is taking this route to win delegates. He knows full well that both the D and R Political Empires will do everything they can to prevent his Nomination, but they cannot prevent him/us from making it a tight and uncomfortable race.

The D's and R's have already lost a significant amount of support and are losing more and more life time members and even more new and young voters. Liberty, once tasted, is not something that one easily gives up. In the coming months and next few years 'The Government' will have to become more forceful and coercive to deny us the Rights it was designed to help protect. The Constitution is not our Supreme Law as many try to convince, it is a Restraint on Government where Natural Law, given to us by God or Nature's God along with Rights, is the Supreme Law.

It is quite futile for the NeoCons (R's) and NeoLibs (D's) to fight against this movement. Liberty is not a Fad, it is a Natural result of growing up and becoming an Adult. While many Americans desire Mommy and Daddy government to take care of and protect them their whole lives, many of our parents taught us to become Independent of them and others in general. We have no need, want, nor desire to work so hard to become Adults only to find ourselves living under someone else's rules while we pay for the roof.

The free ride for the D's and R's is over. I predict that they will unite within the next 8 years in order to fight the Classic Liberals and Traditional Conservatives that are organizing to Restore Limited Gov't and get ourselves Represented in Gov't.

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How about requiring primary and secondary school classes that require students to learn how to become NOT DEPENDENT (aka Independent) upon their Parents, Neighbors, or Government by the time they are adults?

Are Adults people who reach the age of 18 or are they able to support themselves and family? If you are an adult who relies mostly on others for sustenance and direction, how are you different from a child?

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While I do not like Bob Dole's choice for nominee I think his description of Gingrich as a "one-man-band who never took advice" should be considered. Central Planners (Keynesians) are an abomination to Liberty and Free Markets, but when they ignore the Representatives of those they serve (yes the President is a Public Servant) they quickly slide from being a Usurper to Tyrant.

While Gingrich is a great talker, Obama shares this gift, and he resonates with the Progressive GOP advocates he does quite poorly against Obama in the general election polls.

Only Paul and Romney do well against Obama. It is quite sad that Paul is the only non-Keynesian running for President.

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Now if you had 15 million others like you that begged for some gov't assistance and voted in blocks that would matter to a politician.

Don't need/want gov't assistance? Vote without being told who to vote for? Don't bother complaining.

Minority in this nation has become a synonym for a voting block begging gov't assistance. Oddly enough it screams that race matters and it is the Gov't (vote buying politicians) who promotes this BS. If you're a successful independent or 'conservative' minority, you're not really a minority.

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Don't forget that he wants everyone on drugs, well at least the illegal ones because you know that the people who don't do illegal drugs only stop themselves because they are illegal? Did you know that the reason all the drug companies do so well is because their drugs are legal so everyone does them! It's true, a 'conservative' told me.

He also wants to End the Fed which means he wants everything to be free. No Fed = No Money, there was not money before the Fed and there won't be any after. He's crazy!

Paul detractors are some of the thoughtless (without thought) people around. They accuse him of hiding behind the Constitution as if it is some poster rather than a Restraint on the Federal Gov't. It is not our Supreme Law of the Land. The Rule of Law recognizing Unalienable Rights is. The Constitution is a Restriction on Gov't so as to Protect our Liberties/Rights.

But not if you are a NeoCon, the Constitution is a Majority Rule (aka Oligarchy) where you hope the group of people that Rule (called 'representing') you are NeoCons rather than NeoLibs. Don't try to explain that to them, their eyes will cross, they will get angry, and start prattling on about Muslims, policing the world, and Paulbots.

Sadly those of us who understand and practice Morality and Liberty at the same time must save our Nation from the Left and Right, which in practice simply means to the Left and Right of Constitutionality.

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Let's not forget to suspect the half of the Two Party System that was pushing this agenda. We need to get past our fears and start confronting these Usurpers in a manner where 'they', our Representatives Respect, 'their' Rights and Equally those whom they represent.
We are all born of Equal Station. Those that represent us cannot grant or revoke our Rights, nor their own.

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LOL for sure! Paul is on the ballot of several states that Gingrich (and Santorum) failed to get on that number 564 delegates. This is not a one night fight, it is a marathon and Mr. "I leave my wives when they get sick" does not have the stamina nor ground game to finish. Great debater no doubt and clearly won the debate Thursday as well. But he too often has to beg forgiveness for something stupid (Divorcing sick wives, sitting with Nancy on Climate Change, Single Payer Healthcare, and the list goes on)

Only Paul and Romney beat Obama in the polls right now, and 70% (you excluded of course) of republican voters want someone more conservative than Romney.

So watch out, you'll be a drug addict if Paul wins since you require the Federal Gov't making them illegal to not become one. How are you going to pay for all your drugs when they become illegal at the State level?

Question: Are you capable of Morality without Gov't Restraint?

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Agreed. They do have a primary, but they hide it behind the caucus. Most do not realize that the caucus vote is a straw poll and that they have to stick around into the evening to vote for delegates friendly to their candidate of choice.

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The cause for Liberty has been and will always be an uphill struggle. I believe it was Stalin that said "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything”. Who is counting the votes? The D’s and R’s.

The Two Party System (D’s and R’s) that has enjoyed sharing Arbitrary Rule over the American People for 1.5 Centuries will do everything they can to retain that Rule. We must acknowledge that when Two can split power between themselves exclusively, then both benefit no matter who currently holds a majority over each Branch of Gov’t.

The Two Parties are symbiotic in that one cannot exist without the other to blame for their combined failures. They both practice Central Planning and Unlimited Gov’t and require the other’s active participation to place blame, on what is the result of Central Planning failures, not simply either’s version of it. We have an Aristocracy (Oligarchy) in practice, Elected King (Pres) and Vassals (Congress, Governors, etc), though most are too focused on who is the greater or lesser evil to recognize it.

Good news is that Paul, Romney, and Santorum are all getting around 6 delegates. The popular vote in Iowa is a straw poll, it does not count towards splitting the delegates. In order to get delegates, voters had to stick around at the polls to vote for delegates who will likely vote for a candidate, not the candidates. Here is the likely split minus Perry of course.

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If I only could ask one question it would be "How do you define Limited Government?"