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Knowing absolutely nothing specific about either the victim, or the accused...

'Bright said the wife at the home in the past had said she was the victim of domestic abuse'

If that turns out to be the case, all I can say is good job! One less POS wifebeater in the world is a decidedly good thing! I only hope there were no kids in the home in the home to witness either the abuse, or the inevitable outcome of it. Especially male children.

Not sure of the legal precident in OR, but 'battered spouse syndrome' as a condition of a diminished capacity defense has been used succesfully in several states. Unfortunately, regardless of the legal repercussions, if Ms Williams is indeed the victim of domestic abuse and the killer of her abusive husband, she's got a long road ahead of her to get right in her own mind again.

No easy answers, no simple fixes, that's for sure.

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Kramr- That, to me, is at least as much a part of the story as the actions of her and the students. Especially if either of her kids are males. I mean, really... There's just a whole other level of disturbing at that point.

If I were hubby, the 'sexually explicit texts', I could almost give her a pass on. A million different reasons that I could come up with that range from emotional immaturity to mental illness/depression. At the point where I found out that she had engaged in sexual relations with a student? Well.... Let's just say that I'd hope that her defense attorney also did family law. I'd also be doing my darndest to ensure that she not only lost custody of the kids, but could only see them under strict supervison... If at all.

Then, I read the update article of her hearing...That is just one emotionally/mentally f-ed up lady right there.

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...enter 'pro-choice' advocate lobby who will claim that this is just another 'slippery slope' piece of legislation that attempts to limit access to abortions.

If you can legally decide that a fetus can be aborted because of it's gender, why not it's hair color, height, eye color, etc... Sooner or later, the uncomfortable discussion and associated laws determining where we officially give rights to unborn fetus is going to have to be had. Personally, I tend to believe that so long as the fetus has a reasonable chance of survival outside of the womb, it should be treated as a human being.

But, as with most incendiary topics, the actual discussion would be hijacked and derailed within minutes by either side of the ideological spectrum.

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I 'obviously' am trying to have a discussion with someone who's more focused on partisan talking points.

There are many, many, many things about this country that have changed. It's economic reliance on the gold standard is one of them... (BTW, another concept that was changed by a GOP president).

As I've said, and continue to believe, BOTH parties have seriously miopic vision. Unfortunately for the majority of the country, that vision does often include working towards/for those who do not share it.

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lol... You're just funny.

It's tiresome to attempt to have rational discussions with individuals who are obsessed with talking points and logical fallacies instead of trying to convey actual points of consideration.

We disagree on the gist of the topic of party ideologies. That's good enough for me.

As for the original point I was attempting to make, I stand by my position that BOTH parties currently in controll of the US poltical system have agendas that often run oppositionally to what I believe the purpose of their jobs should be. To work for the whole of the country, as opposed to the minorities within that whole.

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You said it, not me.

Your equity in your home, and property is value. There is no debate of that point. However, private equity and the laws governing how it may be used are dramatically different from the rules that apply to organizations such as Mr Trumps.

The Art of the Deal is a great business book. I've also read some of his other books, and he is most definately a business-savvy tycoon. One of those guys I'd love to have as a business partner.... right up to the point where he threw me under the bus to preserve his own profitability.

Suffice it to say, we have differing opinions as to what constitutes success, and what defines 'making' money.

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Couldn't agree more about Zuckerberg/facebook.

and yes, insofar as Trump holdings, it's all paper wealth. His 'ownership' of those properties is predicated upon his ability to make payments to various financial groups.

He develops them to increase the value, and that in turn increases his 'wealth'. If it were more fiscally prudent for him to leave them undeveloped, he would. In a heartbeat. His master is green with numbers in the corner.

You, apparently, view him as some sort of 'American success story'. I believe he's more demonstrative of what will eventually be the undoing of America.

I have no interest in bemoaning him personally, I don't even know the man. What I do know is that he represents the most pervasive threat to what was once a great country. The idea that greed is somehow a good thing. It's not. It never has been, and it never will be. Blind ambition typically distroys many times more than it creates.

It's just the latest in an ever lengthening list of reasons that I dont see how I could ever, in good conscience, support or vote for Mitt Romney. The fact that Donald Trump and him can find commonality is a liability, not an asset, to me personally.

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'You have no idea about poverty unless you worked for DHS and actually saw welfare screens.'

The DHS has no idea of poverty unless they live it. Nor do you.

Legislative action and rules/means tests are all fine and dandy on paper, but they typically have loopholes just big enough to drive a truck through.

'Poverty' is not about affluence, it's a very real and tangible effect of the 'greed is good' mentality that has overtaken our country, and our government. BOTH parties are fatally infected by the virus.

This country was founded on the principal of the individual having the ultimate authority, and being given a fair shot at success. Neither of those standards are in place today. Neither party represents that ideology. The DNC wants some sort of socialist mecca, and the GOP wants USA, inc.

The fact that you deny this most fundamental of realities tells me that you are a part of the problem, rather than seeking a solution.

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Excuse me, waiter. I'd like some Foie Gras and caviar with Kopi Luwak to drink, please.

'fat liver', fish eggs and animal feces coffee....

Innanity is alive and well, I see. LOL.

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Swiss- Well, I'd agree that there is some misinformation afoot. The DNC plays to the 'voter bloc' through legislation and congressional action. As such, there is a paper trail on which the GOP stalwarts love to pounce.

The GOP, on the other hand, does everything in it's power to keep the 'poor'...well... poor. Not as simple as quoting legislative action, as not 'doing' something isn't as easily documented. Overall, it's fair to say that the DNC is more interested in supporting, by any means, their next pet voter bloc. Your assessment is accurate in that respect. My position is that, overall, the GOP is more interested in keeping their donars wealthy by ensuring that they have ample supplies of individuals who can not afford to 'make waves' in their employment environment.

Is it a generalization? Yes. Are all generalizations inherently false? Yes. However, I stand by my observations.